Poker Strategy

High and middle connected Hands in omaha

Connected hands in omaha are different from high pairs in one very distinct way. Unlike high pairs they have to connect with the flop, and they consequently have little value… læs mere

Middle and Small Pairs in Omaha

As a starting-point one can use the same criteria’s as above with the high pairs in the evaluation of the middle and small pairs (JJ-22). I.e. the more possible combinations… læs mere

Omaha poker hands: Handselection in Omaha

One of the most important concepts you need to become a successful pot limit omaha player, is an understanding of preflop handselection. Contrary to the more popular no limit hold’em… læs mere

Bet your hand

I think this is one of the best tips that can be given to poker players who flops a monster out of position. First of all betting your hand will… læs mere

Online Poker Cheating

We are often faced with the question if there is cheating taking place in online poker. The answer to this is a clear yes as it is unavoidable since poker… læs mere

Turn raise in Fixed Limit Hold’em

Fixed limit Holdem is a great poker game to play. Mainly because inexperienced players will not fully understand many of the small tactically raises that is so important to make… læs mere

Post Behind the Button or Not

When being seated in a cash game it is an ongoing discussion if blinds should be posted behind the button or not. As in much poker discussion there are a… læs mere

Online poker help tools

Beginners playing online poker should use some of the small help tools provided by the different poker software’s. The magnitude of help new players can get when they play online… læs mere

Becoming a Professional Poker Player

How to become a professional poker player These days a lot of hype regarding online poker is taking place because of the G4TV show 2months2million. Two weeks into the program… læs mere

4 of a kind also called Quads

Quads are a very strong hand in Texas Hold em Poker No Limit. Royal flush and Straight flush are the only other hands that defeat this monster. 4 of a… læs mere

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