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BWIN Poker and Ongame accused for delivering bad software

A minor bomb exploded today when one of Ongame Networks poker clients Interwetten ceased poker operations and officially claim it is due to Ongame Pokers software problems. The official statement… læs mere

Party Poker improves software again

In October Party Poker made their fifth software upgrade in 2009 this time introducing players to bounty tournaments and a “remember table layout” feature. The bounty tournaments are a great… læs mere

Online Poker Cheating

We are often faced with the question if there is cheating taking place in online poker. The answer to this is a clear yes as it is unavoidable since poker… læs mere

Bodog to open Poker Network

Currently Bodog Poker is the 15th biggest poker network in the world. This position would anyone be incredible happy to hold in many other industries than online poker. Liquidity, liquidity,… læs mere

Is online poker rigged?

A lot of players have doubts regarding if online poker rooms are rigged or not. Poker managers, support staff and poker forums are daily hit by tons of emails and… læs mere

Online poker help tools

Beginners playing online poker should use some of the small help tools provided by the different poker software’s. The magnitude of help new players can get when they play online… læs mere