Staging the Super Bowl – The location debate

The location for such a major event is never easy to decide, and the NFL tries to satisfy most people each year. Is there a suitable place where the game should be played, so the harsh winter won’t hurt it, or it must be kept on the move to entertain more fans? The truth is, this event is much more than a football game with high stakes, but first and foremost an amazing show that heats up the people’s hearts, generating a lot of cash in the process.

Super Bowl in Texas

There are some who argue about having this year’s Super Bowl in Texas, since the weather forecast is not very encouraging. Low temperatures and heavy snow falls are expected, and it is uncertain if Dallas will be hit hard, as the game will be staged at the Cowboys Stadium. The debate grew out of proportion and some people were genuinely concerned about the prospect of a fiasco generated by the tough weather. They got so sucked in that they completely forgot it will be played indoors.

Bearing this in mind it looks most unlikely that the conditions inside the dome will be rough and will impair the game’s quality. To think that cold weather and snow will have a deterring effect on those who have Super Bowl tickets, and they might give up the chance, is downright silly. As for the locals, no blizzard could prevent them from enjoying the Super Bowl and attend the events set up by authorities in close connection to the game.

The weather

So what can be so terrifying about the weather that everyone is talking about it? Pennsylvania’s governor Ed Rendell called it bluntly “the wussification of America”, others are blaming the rich and famous for trying to own the Super Bowl and move it to Florida or LA for good. However that is a matter of future debates, but for the time being the locals are having a lot of fun, having the great match in Dallas, and US citizen all over are looking forward for future events, that could be staged near their residence.

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