Sports Betting Strategy

The football season 2009 has now commenced across all of Europe and soon Champions League and UEFA Cup will see its first matches too.

Plenty of football

Sport bettors have plenty of football games to bet on every single day and good offerings can be found every single week.

The main problem for most sport bettors are that they bet too much on each game or make crazy multiples and thus the risk of ruin are enormous. Money management is an important factor no matter if it is sports or poker you are interested in.

A bankroll need to be nursed and taken care of. The problem is that it does not look very appealing to bet small amounts and score small wins. However this is the only method to beat the bookie over the long haul.

Looking at your winnings as a “percentage increase” of your bankroll should be the measurement used and not the actual dollar/Euro/pound amount.

In the beginning of the season your bankroll is 1000 growing to 1300 at the end of the season. This is a 30% increase of your funds and should be looked upon as a really fantastic increase of your bankroll. Of course it is only 300 in earnings but it is better to earn 300 each season than busting the bankroll continuously and keep losing on sports betting every single year.

Some rules that will help you maintaining a solid money management strategy.

• Bet the same amount on every single bet you make. This ensures you to stay in action for a long period of time and any fluctuations in the sport results will not hurt your bankroll significantly.

• Do never think about how much you could have won if you had played more on the match. It is quite simple- be satisfied winning units or fractional units.

• Never play more on a match just because someone advocates it to be a lock.

• Settle on a bet size of between 1% to 2% of your bankroll and stick to this until your initial bankroll has grown 25%. Then recalculate the percentage and bet a little higher amount on each match.

• Betting singles are preferred to betting multiples.

• Do never bet just because the event is shown on TV. Bet on games you believe will win you money. TV games rarely have blunders from the bookmakers and it is tough to beat those bookie odds offered on TV matches.

• Even if you are a recreational better you should stick to the maximum 1-2% strategy.

• Make it a game for yourself to beat the bookie and you will find it a great pleasure every single time you book even a small win. Beating the bookmaker for small amounts every week will end up as substantial winnings within a season.

• Get settled with the fact that the economic gain in terms of dollars depends on the initial bankroll amount. A punter with a $50.000 bankroll will win more money than a punter with a $2000 bankroll. However they will both have increased the bankroll with the same percentage. Your bankroll will have a decent chance to grow every year if you stick to above rules.

• Do not chase losses. Bad streaks happen and can continue for a period which is why you use money management. Making the right decisions is the one and only thing that counts and time will recoup the losses and is a far better strategy than increasing the bet size.

• Create accounts with a few of the respected bookmakers. William Hill, Ladbrokes, Party Bets, Betfair and 888sports.

The criteria for profit

Betting and maintaining strong money management is no less than an art that is very difficult to master for most bettors. We hope you will eventually master it and see your bankroll grow. We recommend you use a sportsbook bonus code during sign up to maximize your initial bonus.

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