Sidsel Boesen chip leader in Ladies event

WSOP 2010Day 2 was concluded yesterday in this year’s Ladies No-Limit Hold’em Championship and before the final table the Danish professional cash-game player Sidsel Helle Boesen leads the field. Nine players remain of the 1054 ladies showing up for the popular event 22 and now they all have their eyes set on their first bracelet in the ladies only event. Going into the final table Sidsel Boesen is chip leader with almost 800.000 chips, but is closely followed by both Kami Chisholm and Timmi Derosa from the US. The winner will take home almost $200.000 and of cause a gold bracelet for her effort.

Chip Counts before the final table Sunday

Sidsel Boesen 789,000
Kami Chisholm 529,000
Timmi Derosa 437,000
Allison Whalen 344,000
Holly Hodge 279,000
Vanessa Hellebuyck 277,000
Bonnie Overfield 226,000
La Sengphet 206,000
Loren Watterworth 75,000

The WSOP Ladies event has been topic for much heated discussion this year, as male players have been registering for this event. This is not a new phenomenon and men have actually won some ladies events in the past. As a reaction the WSOP management stated possible life bans from WSOP, if men should registrar in any future Ladies events under WSOP. Even though it might be a bit harsh, it will surely make you think before registering in the future and could possible keep the men away.

All men knocked out

Ironically all men were knocked out in this year’s ladies tournament early on, and the final table is set to be an all ladies fight. We predict Sidsel Helle Boesen (News in Danish) will do well and possibly take her first bracelet today. She seems to be one of the players with most live experience at the final table and has the chiplead. Last year she won a tournament in Las Vegas to $27.793 and also has a 13th place to $2659 from the same events. Should she make it to the final three tonight, her chances should be good.

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