Rush Poker on Full Tilt Poker

full_tiltFull Tilt Poker today presented their new innovative development for their poker client and truly this is one of the most exciting news for players who enjoy playing 1 table only but at the same time hates the waiting time between hands. The concept is simple- Whenever a player fold his hand then the player will immediately be moved to a new table and dealt in to a new hand without having to wait for opponents to make decisions.

Ferguson with big claims

Chris Ferguson claim this is the biggest and best innovation since online poker was invented and Gus Hansen the Danish action junkie states that this creates tons of hand, tons of action and that he will be very supportive regarding Rush Poker games.

The release of the new software product which will create an enormous interest amongst players happen just 6 days before Full Tilt Poker will run their biggest tournament promotion ever. By doubling all guaranteed tournaments in the period January 25 to January 31 players will be fighting for 25,000,000 in total guarantees. This is great planning and with the buzz from the Rush Poker release then Full Tilt Poker will see record high player numbers on their software platform the coming two weeks.

Waiting for PokerStars

The only thing left is to see when and how the direct competitor PokerStars releases their counter promotions as this is a strategy they have used the last many months whenever Full Tilt Poker came with something great for the players. Play Rush Poker at Full Tilt Poker the only software where you are dealt a new hand immediately after folding the previous one. Speed poker when it is best.

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