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This new online poker concept was first released by Full Tilt Poker January 19, 2010. The new innovation takes online poker to a whole new speed limit where players will play an enormous amount of hands every hour. Fold and be moved to a new table is the basic idea. Players who fold out of turn will still be seen as being on the table by their opponents but in fact they are already in the middle of a new hand at a different table. The idea is fantastic and players will flock to Full Tilt Poker to play Rush Poker as the speed and adrenalin kick players can get in a short period of time is far beyond what any other sites offer at the time being.

New players will find that Rush Poker is the fastest way to clear Full Tilt Pokers $600 sign up bonus as the number of hands play on an hourly basis will be significant. Players who used to multi table because they were getting bored will see the Rush Poker poker game as a great alternative as they now only need to concentrated on one table.

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Rush Poker facts

What is Rush Poker?

Players join a player pool of thousands of players that fill the tables. When folding a hand players are immediately moved to a new table with new players as known from tournament poker when tables break. This way a player will be in a hand almost all the time and Rush Poker is the fastest poker game ever invented.

Players who use the Quick Fold button will be moved instantly to a new table but will still be seen as seated on the old table due to the fact that it would be easy for other players to take advantage if knowing many players already folded out of turn.

Where can I play Rush Poker?

Full Tilt Poker is the only poker site who offer this exiting new online poker game called Rush Poker. The rules and the time players have to act remain the same as in a normal poker game it is only the ability to move table immediately after pushing the Quick Fold button that is different and of course the fact that players will play different opponents all the time.

How many tables can I play?

Rush Poker allow players to enter the player pool up to 8 times if they can handle the speed of the game and of course players entering multiple times can not end up at the same table. The programming is made in a way to ensure the integrity of online poker as always by Full Tilt Poker.

Can I clear my Full Tilt Poker bonus playing Rush Poker?

Yes but prepare yourself on clearing the bonus a lot faster than on other sites. Rush Poker increases the amount of hands you can play per hour per table significantly.