Responsible Gaming

1. Introduction

On our site, we have a desire to ensure that all of the people who use our website to find and enjoy online casinos play at them in a safe and responsible manner. As such, we do our best to prevent problem gambling by providing all the information people need to practice responsible gaming when playing at online casinos or betting websites that they find via our site.

Of course, the majority of online bettors use casinos as a means to unwind and relax and so do not spend more money than they can afford to lose. However, there are some players out there who take things too far and let their online casino gameplay spill over and affect their lives in a negative way.

If you happen to be one of this second group of people, then you will find all the information you need to make sure that you have all the information you need to acknowledge the fact you have a problem, learn some tips to help overcome it, and also find the help you need.

2. Responsible Gambling Tips

Whether you are a problem gambler or not, in the list below you will find a set of tips that you can use to help you play in a responsible way and not let your gambling take over your life. We are aware that many of you may already be playing responsibly, but you these tips are still good to regulate your online gaming.

– Gambling is supposed to be a fun form of entertainment, not stressful.

– Education is the best way to guarantee that you are always playing responsibly. This page is a good start, but there is a lot more to know and it is well worth having a look to find out what else you can learn.

– Budgeting is the best way to ensure you do not let your gambling habit go too far. Set a budget, then do not spend more than that specific amount to best ensure you are playing responsibly.

– The best way to think about gambling is that the money you lose is an entertainment expense and your winnings are a bonus.

– Stick to your limit and don’t chase losses, this is usually where the real problem starts.

– Budgeting your time is just as important as budgeting your time. Give yourself a time limit and if whether you are winning or losing, end your session.

– Winning cannot be guaranteed, so gambling should not be considered a source of income.

– Under the game’s odds, they are against you.

– You cannot avoid losing, it is part of the game.

– Never borrow money to fund your gambling, especially from credit or loan companies.

– Never let gambling overspill into your personal.

– Gambling should always be for fun

– Make sure you are playing for fun

3. Warning Signs of Problem Gambling

If you are concerned about your behaviour or the behaviour of someone you know, then you need to ask yourself the questions below to determine if there are any warning signs about problem gambling. If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you need to consider getting support.

– Do you spend, or have you spent, more than you can realistically afford at online casinos?

– Do you borrow money from others to fund gambling?

– Have you ever sold your belongings to fun gambling?

– Have you ever felt the need to lie about your gambling?

– Do you hide gambling from your friends or family?

– Do you argue with close ones about gambling?

– Do you find yourself chasing, or trying to make up for previously lost money at online casinos?

– Are you chasing the buzz of gambling but spending more and more money?

– Do you gamble while drunk, high or on any kind of substance?

– Does gambling make you feel stress, anxious?

– Has gambling led to any financial problems for you or your family?

Did you answer yes? Well, then this indicates you are addicted or have a problem with gambling. You now need to be honest about this and seek the help you need. You can do this by contacting some relevant gambling support organisations from the list below.

4. Where to find help

The help you need is readily available for you online. Below you will find some basic information about them, as well as direct link to their website which allows you to get the support you need today.

BeGambleAware has loads of information about can assist people to make informed decisions about their gambling habits. There is loads of information about what gambling safely entails and therefore, recognise what it means to be a problem gambler. There is also helpful information about finding further support.

GamCare has support, information and advice that is really helpful for anyone who is currently suffering from a gambling problem.

You can find Gambling Therapy either online or via a mobile app which provides advice and support to anyone who affected by problem gambling.

5. How to Stay in Control

If you are looking to take control your gambling of your own accord, then there are some really helpful tools in place at online casinos to help you do this. There are also a couple of really quick and easy things you can do yourself.

a. Deposit Limits

The best way to manage what you spend at online casinos is to limit the amount you are allowed to deposit over the course of a day, week or month by setting a cap on that amount. Depending on the casino you play at, it will determine the specific settings on offer to you.

b. Cooling-off Periods

If you want a break from online casinos and betting, then you can set a cooling off period for a short period of time. You can choose to cool from between 1-30 days, which is a good time to take a step back and consider if your gambling is health. Casinos should not contact you during this period of time with promotional material

c. Self-exclusion

Online casinos are required to ensure that players have the option to self-exclude themselves for long periods of time and even, if you think it is needed, forever. Much like a cooling-off period, it will freeze your account and you won’t be able to access it for the time period you select, and casinos cannot contact you either.

UK players can exclude themselves from all casinos in one go with the self-exclusion system, GAMSTOP. This will mean you cannot access ANY licensed casino, online or offline.

d. Social Media Break

If you want to stop gambling, you can take temptation out of your life by unfollowing any betting related pages such, as casino bonus page or sports tipster pages.

e. Gambling Blocking Software

There are gambling blocking software out there that you can install which will mean you cannot access any gambling websites. These include Betfilter, Gamblock or PlayScan.

6. Protecting Minors and Under 18s

A key factor of responsible gambling that everyone should take seriously is the prevention of underage people being subjected to, or worse, being enabled to play illegally at online gambling websites.

Casino providers put strict processes in place that verifies players ages, such as KYCing and Bank-IDing players. Casinos are also not allowed to advertise in a way that might attract under 18s to gamble. This said, we would still like you to take the appropriate steps to prevent under 18s from being exposed to gambling or encouraged to partake in online gambling in any way.

– Do not glamorise gambling.

– Do not place bets for under 18s.

– Make sure your computer or mobile are never left unattended with under 18s if you use gambling products.

– Don’t allow under 18s access to your credit card or bank details.

– Don’t select “remember password” at online betting venues.

– Use a separate password protected profile when using a shared computer.

– Consider using child-protection software, such as Net Nanny or CYBERsitter to prevent minors from accessing online casino sites.