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Blackjack is a fabulous casino game that is at the top of the popularity list in casinos worldwide as it combines SKILL with luck. The proportion of skill to luck depends on the player and by taking the free strategy tips offered at 21Nova casino on board your improved skill will boost your Blackjack wins enormously.


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A little Statistical Analysis Goes a Long Way in Blackjack


Everybody can master the basic Blackjack rules rapidly but to make a big impact at the Blackjack tables its worth taking the tips offered at 21Nova Casino seriously and undertake a little statistical analysis along the way.

Most people know that Blackjack is about beating the dealer by getting cards with face values adding up to the number 21 or less. The Ace card can have a value of 1 or 11 giving the name soft hand to a hand that includes an Ace.

A hand which exceeds 21 after drawing another card loses or is termed bust, even if the dealer goes bust subsequently with his second card.


Players Are Given an Advantage in Blackjack


It’s worth remembering that the dealer is at a disadvantage in a Blackjack game as he cannot double down or split so it’s definitely worth choosing from these options when you think that the odds are in your favour.


Doubling Down at Blackjack


Players who see that the odds of winning are more favourable for themselves than they are for the dealer should double their bets and draw another card.

The time to double your bet is when you have a total of 11 and the dealer’s face up card is worth less than your 11.  Consider doubling down if you have a total of 10 and the dealer has a face up card worth 9 or less. Double down when you have a total of 9 and the dealer’s face up card is worth 6 or less.


Splitting Hands at Blackjack


When you make your Blackjack bet and happen to be dealt two starting cards of equal value, you can choose to split your bet into two separate hands by wagering the same amount again. Each hand is independent of the other, meaning that you can lose one hand and win the other.

The time to split your hand even if the casino only pays evens on a split hand is when you have been dealt two aces giving you the opportunity of getting two Blackjack hands .

Two number 8 cards should be split into two separate hands as you may subsequently be dealt cards giving you a total of 18 in each hand which is the perfect place to stand whilst waiting to see what the dealer’s hand will be.

Generally, 21Nova Casino advises its customers to split 2’s and 3’s only if the dealer’s up card is a 4, 5, 6 or 7.

Players are advised never to split 10’s or 5’s as they are in with a good chance of drawing a 10 face card and result in a 20 total. The only way that the dealer can beat you is with a perfect Blackjack hand of 21 points made up with an Ace and a face card number 10.


Blackjack Terminology Explained at 21Nova Casino


To play Blackjack well and with confidence it is worth browsing through the small list of Blackjack terminology explained at 21Nova Casino under the Blackjack tab on the landing page.

You must know whether to ‘Stand’ or ‘Hit’ which simply means that you don’t want to be dealt another card or that you do want another card. Differentiating between a hard hand without an Ace card and a soft hand that includes an Ace card is also useful.


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