PokerStars Reloaded

PokerStars Reloaded

PokerStars has just brought the upside down in the online poker industry, with a new breakthrough bonus scheme which just makes competition look incapable of ever coming anywhere near it.

The number one pokersite

The #1 internet poker room of the world has managed to become once again talk of the town with a new bonus package which just makes new and existing players forget the thought of trying a different poker room. With a new updated sign up bonus and a new reload package players just can stay away from the poker room that does 150,000 players online at the most moderate times.

The new reloaded PokerStars Bonus package which is applicable with the PokerStars bonus code which is offered in our pages, was launched earlier this week and the real effect will show this Sunday as ring games and tournaments are anticipated to break any previous record with predictions for more than 300,000 players online at the peak time which is usually around 8’o clock EST.

Sunday is a big day for PokerStars as the new bonus package has been unleashed to its immediate partners and many players previously signed up with other US poker rooms are just awaiting this Sundays arena to show what they are really about. It just seems like the best time in history of online poker for the leading poker room of the world and it might just be the perfect time to build a bankroll.

No news on Sunday

Our team is planning not to post any news on Sunday as we will be at the tables ourselves as we have been waiting for the Sunday blast since early this week. We would like to wish you good luck at the tables. Our new players can read how to claim the new bonus package we have been released at the PokerStars Bonus Code page.

Search for us under the nicknames tasouski and cyboy!

Play Well! See you at the tables!

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