PokerStars EPT London day 2 concluded

111 poker players are left in the PokerStars London EPT (PokerStars European Poker Tour) event with a combined prize pool of more than £3.500.000. Currently it seems to be a fantastic day 3 we will witness as many interesting players are left in the tournament and quite a few of those have accumulated substantial chips stacks.

Jeffery Lisandro holding 414.000 chips

In 6th place we find Jeffery Lisandro with 414.000 chips and the Italian players shows that this summers heater with no less than three WSOP bracelets was not stand alone poker tournament results as he continuously are doing well in tournaments all over the world. Jeff Lisandro is definitely a player who knows how to keep accumulating chips and it will not be surprisingly to see him at the final table in EPT London.

With 406.500 Chips we find Kevin Schaffel from USA in 8th spot. Once again one of the WSOP November 9 finalists prove themselves in a tough event. In just a few weeks three of the finalists have been up there amongst the chip leaders in various tournaments and this make big promises for next months WSOP final table. Kevin Schaffel already proved he know how to reach a final table and if he manage to get deep in PokerStars London EPT he will get to Las Vegas in November with some final table knowledge that can proof to be the deciding factor regarding who will take home the bracelet.

Right behind him in 9th spot we find Peter Eastgate from Denmark who is the current WSOP champion. Winning the 2008 WSOP and shortly after the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure $4800 Texas No Limit event, without doubt makes Peter Eastgate a dangerous opponent here in London. Peter Eastgate do not fear any opponents which he shoved back in 2008 when his account Bamsefar could be seen on Classic Poker playing high stakes heads up against the legendary Gulkines account owned by Swedish Rober Flink which is a well known fearless high stakes cash game player. Peter Eastgate did well in those games and ended as the winner in a tough session lasting almost three months with daily action. Peter Eastgate is our favorite to go deep in this tournament.

Teddy Sheringham doing well announced after WSOPE that the experience Teddy Sheringham got from ending 14th in that event would prove to give him some valuable experience in terms of accumulating chips and in his very next tournament he already shows that he is a quick learner. Teddy Sheringham is currently in 11th position out of the 111 remaining players and will most likely make his second big cash within 2 weeks. The former football striker whose mindset is all about winning might already be ready to show the poker world that big sports icons with the right attitude can take on the worlds best poker players and defeat them. Teddy Sheringham will play for the victory and the other players at his tables will know that he is not going to be easy to get off hands the coming days, in which case Teddy Sheringham might chip up easily stealing small pots all the time.

Other notable names that are still in the pack fighting for the EPT London title is Betfair sponsored Anette Obrestad and Full Tilt Poke pro John Juanda which both has won the WSOPE main event respectively in 2007 and 2008.

Also worthwhile mentioning is that we see two other strong Danish players left in the field besides Peter Eastgate. Christoffer “No Name” Egemo who has been killing the higher games at Microgaming in 2008 (you can follow his action on Ladbrokes) is still left with almost 170.000 chips.

The young Danish internet pro Thor Drexel who recently moved to London and has been doing tremendously well the last 2 months also remains in the tournament although with a below average chips stack counting 130.500 chips. Both these players are known to be fearless and can increase and add to their stacks at an amazing speed and it will not be unsurprisingly in case at least one of them are seen with a lot of chips on day 4.

We look forward to follow the day 3 action at PokerStars EPT London and especially Teddy Sheringhams progress will be of interest to our many UK users.

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