PokerStars Download

New poker players can follow the guide to the pokerstars download and successfully launch the poker stars software for free and sign up for an account with the new pokerstars bonus code and pokerstars marketing code.

The process of installing to your computer is easy, follow the pokerstars download guide step by step, by maintaining both windows open at the time of downloading procedure.

Step 1

Enable the pokerstars download by following the link to our PokerStars download page

Step 2

Click on the pokerstars download link you will find marked red on the landing page.

Step 1 PokerStars Download

Step 3

You will realize that a pop up window has opened and it is asking you if you would like to enable the poker stars download process. You will have to click run.

Step 2 PokerStars Download

You will realize that your computer has started downloading the software for free as you will be able to see the progress in the window that will look like the one above.

Step 3 PokerStars Download

Step 4

Once the pokerstars download has concluded you will be shown a window asking you if you want to run the downloaded software. Once you click run, will ask you to pick your preferred language. Players will find 25 different language preferences! Once you have selected the language of your preference click next.

Step 4 PokerStars Download gives you the opportunity to choose if you would like to run the software in the normal express mode or if you would like to make preferences in the download setup. It is recommended that you run the express version.

Step 5 PokerStars Download

The software will conclude its setup on your computer in the next minute and you should be shown the window above informing you that the pokerstars download and setup has been successfully concluded.

The pokerstars software is now on your computer! On your desktop you will realize that has installed a shortcut spade logo, which from now on will connect you to the pokerstars lobby when you want to play.

Signing up for a new account and getting started:

Your computer will take approximately 30-40 seconds to connect to the pokerstars lobby and a window showing the lobby will appear on your browser.

Step 6 PokerStars Download

At the right bottom corner of the screen you will see the red button log in button.

Step 7 PokerStars Download

Once you have clicked on it the window above will appear on your screen, click create a new account and you are nearly ready to go.

PokerStars Bonus

At the registration process you will have to enter the pokerstars marketing code PSP5957 and the pokerstars bonus code at the cashier when you are making your deposit. We have dedicated 1 page for each the poker stars marketing code and the poker stars marketing code which new players can follow to get the full $600 bonus. New players can consider this as indirect PokerStars Rakeback and be clicking the link you are taken to our page explaining the indirect rakeback deal in details.