Poker TV Shows

This is a selection of the best Poker TV Shows ever aired, catch them on TV, Watch, learn and have fun. Active shows are marked with active.

GSN’s High Stakes Poker Show Active
This is a show that came out in 2006. It’s different from all other TV poker shows because you don’t get to play a tournament. Instead you sit on a poker table with world famous poker professionals like Daniel Negreanu, Barry Greenstein and Jen Harman. You can watch these great players buying in with $500,000 USD of their own cash and play aggressively. The poker action and variation of deals you will see on this Poker TV show you will not see anywhere else.

Face the Ace on NBC Active

This show guarantee participants a full $1.000.000 if the win 3 consecutive matches against Full Tilt poker professionals. Players who win their first match will be offered to leave with $40.000 or play a second match where they can scoop $200.000.

A real tough decision to make for most people as they know they will have to beat players like Phil Ivey, Gus Hansen, Howard Lederer or Chris Ferguson to advance from round 2. However the odds are so profitable that it is really not a choice if players should continue from round 1 to 2.

Winning the second round makes the choice to continue play even tougher. Having $200,000 under the belt already and have to decide to go with nothing or $1.000.000. This show is pokers answer to Deal or No Deal. You can follw Face the Ace on NBC.

The World Series of Poker on ESPN Active
The King of all Poker events is of course the greatest event in poker TV and the most popular Poker Show. The number of players, variety of games (including seven card stud and Omaha high low) is unseen. Every year the WSOP event becomes bigger and bigger. Enjoy the highest level of poker skill between the giants of poker. And of course the main focus is the Main Event where the last man standing will take the multimillion dollar prize in the Cadillac of poker games, No Limit Texas Holdem.

The World Poker Tour on the Travel Channel, GSN, and soon Fox Sports Active
This Poker Show aired in 2003 at the Travel Channel; it took only a couple of weeks till it became the Chanel’s, most popular TV show. A great poker show which followed the World Poker Tour (WPT) tournament events at the Casinos that hosted it around the world. Genius poker battles that make every poker player watch and focus on every each poker hand played. The new episodes of WPT start airing on GSN whilst others are repeated on Travel Channel. Fox Sports will take over the WPT airing pretty soon.

Celebrity Poker Showdown on Bravo
As much popular as the previous two Poker TV Shows, the Celebrity Poker Showdown attracted a completely different audience, as people loved to see the reaction and appeal of their favorite celebrity stars off set. Definitely not the best poker you can see on TV but it was really funny with excellent commentating by Dave Foley and Phil Gordon and the five star casting poker table. Phil Helmuth might be joining them soon.

Poker Royale: on GSN
The poker show brings two groups that are opposing to each other to have it out on the poker table. From Boys Vs Girls, Celebrities Vs Professionals and so on. Three members from each team sit down on no limit Texas holdem tournaments and who doesn’t want to see how their favorite celeb holds up against pros. Imagine Jenifer Tilly and Lance Bass Vs Scott Fischman and Kathy Liebert.

Poker Superstars on Fox Sports
This Poker Show is about speed, nerve and aggressiveness. This is a fast paced by invitation only series of tournaments pits between professional poke players only. These blinds go up really fast which makes the Poker Show compete with turbo games online.

Ultimate Poker Challenge Show
The Ultimate Poker TV show hosts a number of no limit Texas Holdem Tournaments that take place usually at the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas. Lasting for twenty six weeks it’s a fine poker to watch. Poker Dome Challenge
The Mansion Poker Show is of course shot in downtown Las Vegas at the famous Poker Dome and participants in thus unique event have only 15 seconds to decide what to do when it’s their turn tom play. The players all wear heart monitors which a really funny feature especially when the cards heat up and viewers can see which players keep their cool.

Tilt Poker Show
This is the only fictional show of all poker shows. ESPN created this dram starting Michael Madsen ad Don the “Matador” Everest, a poker player that rounds up all the potential poker suckers. Regular appearances of professional players occurred in the show which made it a bit entertaining.

E! Hollywood Hold’em
This is one this poker TV shows that you get invited to these private Hollywood poker games you always hear about. E Hollywood Holdem welcomes players at Celebs private Villas and Mansions allowing you to be a part of his/her home poker game and meet up with famous and infamous friends. Quite an interesting show which only lasted one season and was hosted by Phil Laak

2month2millions on G4TV

This poker reality show follows four young professional poker players during the summer 2009. Their aim is to win an astonishing $2.000.000 within a period of just 2 months. The sweet life in Las Vegas might cause some distraction for Emil Patel, Dani Stern, Jay Rosenkrantz and Brian Roberts during the episodes. Viewers will be taken to some of the hottest night clubs in Vegas and follow how it is to be a young rich world class poker player.

The main focus in the show is of course to follow the team’s progress towards the 2million dollar win in 2months. The players will show their poker capabilities in the “war room”. This is a special room created within the big Las Vegas mansion rental. Everything is installed in this room to make sure the working conditions for the professional poker team is in superb order. Even a private chef has been hired to accommodate any wishes from any of the players. Poker is not all about playing good cards it also require that players are in good shape both physiologically and psychologically

If the youngsters succeed they have made themselves international TV Pokerstars. If they fail they have still managed to bring their names forward and gotten a lot of attention to their brand names in online poker.

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