Poker Stars the one and only

Often when I try and explain players why they should create an account or not with a certain poker room I really need to think about my arguments. Talking about Poker Stars there is actually not really anything to discuss. All serious poker players should create a Poker Stars account in my opinion.

The 10 reasons

Top ten reasons to create a Poker Stars player account:

1: Poker Stars has the most players.

It is not even close if this is a true statement or not. Poker Stars are simply outclassing every other poker room or online poker network in the world by lengths. The number of simultaneously active players is enormous and reaches far beyond 200.000 individual players during peek hours.

2: Poker Stars have the biggest prize pool in tournaments

Most online poker players dream about winning a Sunday tournament where they play. Winning it on Poker Stars would be the ultimate thing to do as the 1st prize in the “Sunday Million” exceeds $100.000 every single Sunday year round.

3: Poker Stars have the best software

It is hard to find anything to complain about when talking about the software. It is available in an amazing 25 different languages. Everything is translated from the lobby to the content of Poker Stars website. This is an incredible record that none of the other online poker software companies offer or will be able to offer during 2009 at least. Furthermore the way it works and the programming is superbly created and poker players can switch the whole language client within seconds.

4: Poker Stars WCOOP host the biggest online series of poker tournaments.

World Championship Of Online Poker is an annual event hosted by Poker Stars. With more than $40.000.000 guaranteed in the 2009 edition of the series it has become bigger, better and even richer in guarantees than ever before seen in online poker. A total of 45 event winners will be found and all loyal Poker Star players will get tons of chances to qualify through the FPP system.

5: Poker Stars loyalty program is the best thought out program in online poker.

Poker Stars have always been on the forefront in the gaming industry with their loyalty program. All players are automatically enrolled in this splendid reward and retention program. The whole concept and the way players can use this poker loyalty program is simply without competition the very best. It is easy to follow your progress from the poker lobby and the further up in levels poker players go the more items can be bought in the biggest online poker shop available. Quite a few players have already managed to buy a Porsche Cayman S through the shop.

6: Poker Stars have the biggest and most credible names in poker endorsing them.

This is a close decision between Full Tilt Poker and Poker Stars. While Full Tilt poker certainly has more professionals endorsing their site- Poker Stars by far have secured the most WSOP Main Event winners on their team. Chris Moneymaker (2003), Greg Raymer (2004), Joe Hachem (2005) and Peter Eastgate (2009) have all decided to join the Poker Stars pro poker team. The team itself consist of 40 big name profile poker players and it is almost unfair to mention some of them before others. Daniel Negreanu, Barry Greenstein, Marcel Luske and the super star Betrand Grospellier are just a few of the ones on the always increasing Poker Stars team.

7: Poker Stars have the best support in the online gaming industry.

Players will get a really fast email reply and it will also be a qualified answer they receive. The support employees are the best trained and has the most knowledge amongst all of the support groups.

8: Poker Stars accept players from USA. Unlike a lot of other poker rooms Poker Stars continuously accept players from USA.

9: Poker Stars host most live poker events

The flagship is of course the European Poker Tour having more than 10 yearly events that creates millionaires and poker fame for the winners. The success of Poker Stars EPT have been followed by creating Asia Pacific Poker Tour, Australia-New Zeeland Poker Tour, Latin America Poker Tour, Italian Poker Tour and Russian Poker Tour just to mention the biggest events during the year. Many other Poker Tours will have Poker Stars being as the sponsor and the company continuously develops new concepts and events all over the world. Players who are looking to become a Poker Star themselves have plenty of chances attending the Poker Star tournament circuit,

10: Poker Stars offer the most different games in online poker.

Not many poker rooms have spent the money and energy in developing and creating games like HORSE, HOSE, BADUGI and other variations of the game we all like. Poker Stars are always looking to provide online poker players the newest and most exiting games. The variety of games on Poker Stars are to be found no where else and players looking to play their favorite game will stand a good chance of finding it on Poker Stars.

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