Poker promotion worth €250,000 for free on Classic Poker

classicThis coming week the Classic Poker €250,000 free money give away hand promotion begin when hand number 1,970,000,000,000 are being dealt on the popular poker sites tables. The hand will release a prize worth €1000 to €4000 on the table that hit that exact hand number and Classic Poker will continue to give away amounts in that range on bonus hands dealt at the tables. The big poker promotion ends when hand number 2 billion are being dealt giving away a massive €50,000 to the players involved in the hand.

€25.000 for the winner

The winner of the hand takes home €25,000 for free and the rest of the table shares another €25,000 amongst them. Read more about this €250,000 poker give away here. In between the many prize giving hands Classic Poker host a €200,000 guaranteed bounty tournament called 200k guaranteed Head Hunter. A massive overlay is anticipated and poker tournament players should look to qualify for this exiting €300+20 event on Classic Poker in some of their cheap qualifiers hosted daily.

Around €40.000 for the champ

The player taking home the tournament will receive in the area of €40,000 for the effort. More than 880 players is needed to make the tournament break even since €75 of the buy in are used on bounties but Bonusriders estimate a field of 620 players making this tournament a huge overlay tournament seeing Classic Poker investing €60,000 in the players participating in the event. Licensed in Malta under EU law Classic Poker does not accept players from the US who will have to wait for the UIEGA rules to change before being able to take advantage of the many good promotions offered by Classic Poker

Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.