Poker home game

copag cards With more than 50 million poker players in USA and a massive amount of home games going on, the poker card industry is bigger than ever. Choosing the right cards for the poker home game is essential and parameters like quality, design and price has to be taken into account before selecting which cards to use. One of the major players in the plastic and poker card industry is COPAG. These 100% plastic cards are manufactured in Brazil and have managed to become the official card provider to WSOP which is a major achievement. WSOP champion Peter Eastgate who won more than $9,000,000 playing with COPAG cards might have found himself his favorite plastic card forever.

Special poker cards

COPAG have developed a special poker line of plastic cards including Jumbo index cards, four color decks and the famous dual brand which is perfect for Texas Hold’Em. The price varies a bit depending on the selection but a fact is that ordering COPAG cards online is the cheapest way to get a quality deck of card with a great design. Readers should visit the COPAG Cards Website for more information in regards of design and pricing.

Replacement Card Program

Another extremely great thing COPAG have done for their customers is to invent the Replacement Card Program where customers who lose or damage a card can order a replacement card and this way continue to play with the same deck for years. A professional 100% plastic poker card deck is an investment and the replacement program is simply the best offered to customers who play with plastic cards. For those who have never bough a deck of quality plastic cards then COPAQ is the sure and secure brand to try as first time buyer. Many other brands have a strong position in USA but in our opinion no one else than COPAG delivers fantastic quality and affordable prices at the same time.

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