Poker Bonus Offers

All online poker rooms provide new depositor with great poker bonus offers. The majority of these bonuses are called poker match bonuses but recently quite a few rooms have begun to offer claim poker bonus offers instead.

100 % match bonus

The difference is that a 100% match bonus will give you the exact same bonus as the deposit amount whereas a claim bonus only requires a small deposit to be eligible for a big bonus.

Match bonus: Any deposit is matched with an equal bonus. If the offered bonus percentage is higher than 100% then less money has to be deposited to get the full advantage of the bonus.

Classic Poker is an example of a poker room offering a match bonus where less than the bonus amount is required to get the full bonus. They offer 200% up to €1000 which means that players will get the full bonus for a €500 deposit. With the bonus being released in increments of €10 this is a great bonus to play.

Claim Bonus

Players only need to play and earn enough points to claim parts of the bonus. A claim bonus will be released even by a small deposit.

A great example is the Ladbrokes Poker bonus which is a claim bonus. A minimum deposit of $50 will trigger a full $1000 bonus. Many other sites would require poker players to deposit $1000 to get a $1000 match bonus.

Mainly there is no difference in terms of the poker bonus offer clearing terms no matter if it is claim or match bonus. Claim bonuses or match bonuses with a higher than 100% match percentage are perfect for players with smaller bankrolls or leisure players who do not intend to make huge deposits.

We recommend

We recommend players to make sure that the received poker bonus is cleared in small portions. Today it is more or less standard that bonuses are paid out by the poker rooms continuously to make sure players constantly will get a little sum in their poker accounts. We like this approach from the poker rooms because it avoids situations where players play more than they should just to fulfill bonus requirements. We believe all poker rooms using the small poker bonus release strategy are in compliance with responsible gaming ethics.

Feel free to write us if you are in doubt which poker bonus you should choose according to your playing patterns and disposal amount to be used for a deposit. We will guide you through the various good poker bonus offers there is available in the market.

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