Poker bad beat jackpot and €50,000 bonus hand

classic1-125x125Once again the poker bad beat jackpot at Classic Poker has come close to €300,000 ensuring that the losing player will take home €105,000 and the winner more than €50,000. Classic Poker host the easiest jackpot online as only quad 6s need to be beaten. To qualify for the bad beat jackpot players must play on the special tables that are found in the lobby by looking for a “b” left to the table name. The current jackpot size can be seen in the poker lobbys upper left corner. At the same time as the jackpot continuously grow then Classic Poker are getting closer to the 2 billionth hand being dealt. It is estimated that the bonus hand will be dealt Tuesday January 23 and the winner of the bonus hand will take home €25,000 regardless if the winner play NL 0,02-0,04 or higher.

€25.000 for the other players

The remaining players at the table will share an additional €25,000 amongst them and this promotion is great value for poker players. Boss Media and Classic Poker has recently upped the promotion strategy and besides the 200% up to €1000 first deposit poker bonus the poker room host some great tournaments promotions which are directed towards affordable buy ins with big prizes. Speaking to Classic Pokers CEO he informed that the first week in March would see a great week of poker tournaments with huge guarantees for the buy in prize of €20 only. It was revealed that from March 1 to March 7 a total of €250,000 is guaranteed in 7 different tournaments with a €100,000 guaranteed Sunday poker tournament taking place March 7 19:30 GMT. Classic Poker will during February host a broad variety of satellites to this tournament series called International Championship of Poker 2 (ICOP2) – “The Twenties”

Date/Time (GMT) Game Buy-in Type Seats Comments Guarantee
1st March 2010 19:30 Holdem €20+€2 NL 10 € 20,000
2nd March 2010 19:30 Omaha €20+€2 PL 10 1 hour rebuy + Add-on € 20,000
3rd March 2010 19:30 Holdem €20+€2 NL 5 € 20,000
4th March 2010 19:30 Omaha HiLo €20+€2 PL 10 1 hour rebuy + Add-on € 20,000
5th March 2010 19:30 Holdem €20+€2 NL 10 1 hour rebuy + Add-on € 50,000
6th March 2010 19:30 Holdem €20+€2 NL 2 Quick levels € 20,000
7th March 2010 19:30 Holdem €20+€2 NL 10 € 100,000
TOTAL € 250,000

Besides the €250,000 guaranteed prize pool a leader board for the series will pay top 30 players a total of €15,000 with the winner taking home a cool €4000 on top of the tournament winnings throughout the series. Create an account at Classic Poker and participate in their €250,000 bonus hand promotion already running or take a shot at the big bad beat jackpot which will pay out €105,000 to the losing hand.

Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.