Plenty Of Start Up Help and Advice at Betfred Casino

betfred casino pictureBetfred Casino has added a Help page which you can now refer to before you begin wagering in the Betfred Casino online. Some potential online casino gamblers may feel daunted by the prospect of playing on the video slots in particular as they seem rather complex and have lots of different features that take you to bonus games and they can be very fast. The Help page tells you how to adjust the game speed to suit your personal tastes and as you become familiar with a game you can increase the speed accordingly. You are also able to stop the music or the sound effects if they irritate you or simply decrease the volume so that the sound doesn’t divert you from your game objectives.

Zoom In When You Choose

It can be very comfortable for players to enable the Zoom mode on the various slots games so that all the buttons, reels and the winning tables are displayed in an extra large format making everything more visible and much handier when you are feeling the stress of playing a high speed game. It is understandable that players dislike searching for small buttons and need to look for glasses to read the winning tables. Similarly when you start playing on a game, the display will not fill the screen completely unless you click on the tab to fill the whole screen. You are bound to find the full screen display very pleasant and it will enhance your entertainment experience enormously. Register a new account today with Betfred Casino using our link below and get a welcome bonus of up to £200.


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