Play In Unibet Online Open Poker Tourney on Sunday

UniBet PokerThe Unibet Poker Online Open Tournament is scheduled to take place on Sunday 20th October so it is well worth clearing this Sunday of all evening appointments to eat out or football match viewings and get down to some thrilling poker with a whole bunch of very excited Unibet Poker players who live all over the world. You can buy into the tournament directly for a very reasonable €275 and with guaranteed prize funds already standing at €25,000 there is great motivation to register and play.

The actual tournament begins at 7.30 pm Central European Time making it an excellent evening’s entertainment for people who need to make an early start on Monday morning. The internet has allowed for the online gaming revolution and with the massively improving digital technology the poker venue feels like it is almost in your living room with such distinct clarity and marvelous colours and presentation.

Comfortable Gameplay with Super Convenience

The poker client features have been put in place by Unibet Poker to give maximum convenience to the customers making any kind of poker play whether it is tournament play or cash ring games, a relaxed and easy to follow undertaking. You are able to focus completely on your game without any noise or other irritants spoiling your level of concentration and enjoy chat with fellow players at your table whilst you play safely and securely from your own home. There are synchronized breaks allowing participants in tournaments to stretch their legs and get refreshments making the whole process very pleasant and comfortable. Register a new account today using our link below and enjoy a welcome bonus of up to €500.


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