Phralad Friedman wins WPT

The World Poker Tour stop at the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles “Legends of Poker” ended last night with Phralad ”Zweig” Friedman as the new champion netting more than $1.000.000.

Regular HU player

Zweig used to play thousands of hands Heads up on Prima Poker (Ladbrokes) at the highest stakes online back in 2005-2006. Endless of $200-$400 Heads Up poker hands on those stakes made him a pretty big favorite last night, when he faced Kevin Schaffel as the last obstacle before being crowned as the newest World Poker Tour millionaire.

Coming in to the final stages with an almost 3.5 to 1 chip lead over Schaffel was another factor making Phralad Friedman the natural and big favorite to take home the title as Legends of Poker champion 2009.

He executed nicely and the title was his after all the money went in with Phralad holding AQ versus Schaffels KJ.

Schaffel who is on of the November Nine finalists have to pleased with his performance in this World Poker Tour and is now to be reckoned as a serious candidate to become WSOP champion 2009.

The final standing from Legends of Poker

1. Prahlad Friedman $1.034.500
2. Kevin Schaffel $471.670
3. Todd Terry $231.300
4. Toto Leonidas $144.600
5. Sam Stein $116.225
6. Mike Krescanko $89.220

Phralad adds a World Poker Tour title to his WSOP bracelet from 2003 and after his deep run in WSOP 2009 where he ended 64th, we expect to see a lot more to this brilliant player the rest of the year.

Players in form often tend to play well in consecutive tournaments and both Phralad and Kevin Schaffel showed they are to be reckoned with in future poker tournaments this year. Check back for more news regarding poker bonus and good poker deals on Bonusriders daily.

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