Phil Ivey folding best hand in WSOP 2009

During day 8 at the 2009 WSOP Main Event, Phil Ivey showed in a hand he played against George Smith that is he only human too when he managed to misread the board and mucked the best hand on the river in a 2.180.000 pot.

Expensive mistake

This error could prove to be extremely expensive for Phil Ivey as if he had taken down the pot he would have had more ammunition during the rest of day 8 and could have improved the amount of chips he took with him to the final table. We will never know but Phil Ivey might have mucked a hand costing him the WSOP 2009 title and $8.500.000.

In fact with the recent successes many of the other final table contestants have showed in tournaments in Europe (Kevin Schaffel, Antoine Saout and James Akenhead), Phil Ivey could have used a few more million chips in his stack. The pot against George Smith would have meant a more than 22% increase to Phil Ivey’s stack giving him quite a bit extra room to play at the final table.

See Phil Ivey mucking the best hand here:

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