Phil Ivey Exit Hand (All eyes On Me)

A big part of the poker community was cheering for Phil Ivey at the final table as he of course would be a great ambassador for poker the coming year. However Phil Ivey never really got a break at the final table and even he managed to chip up a little during the session he was more or less always covered in vhips by many of his opponents making elimination a possibility in each and every hand he played.

AK versus AQ

His final hand against Darvin Moon was a bit unlucky as Phil Ivey had Darvin dominated holding AK versus AQ. Darvin called Phil Ivey’s all in raise with his AQ and no one can really blame that call as Phil Ivey’s all in raising range definitely was beyond AA, KK, QQ, AK. A queen hit the flop and with no help for Ivey he hit the rail.

Not long before his exit hand Phil Ivey lost a coin flip to the current chip leader Joseph Cada when Phil’s A8 did not improve against Cada’s 44. Winning that hand might have saved Phil’s tournament life as holding 12.000.000 extra chips in the stack might have cause Darvin Moon to consider twice before entering into a battle against Phil only holding AQ.

AQ for Darvin again

Darvin stopped the bleeding of chips in this hand returning to 40.000.000 chips and from there he continued to chip up and managed to outdraw Steve Begleiter in a monster pot holding AQ once again this time versus QQ. Moon might think back on this WSOP if he ever has to name a favorite hand and no one should be surprised to see a real big pot tonight with Darvin once again holding AQ. It could very well be the hand that will send him out of the tournament and send the WSOP bracelet and $8.500.000 to Joseph Cada.

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