Phil Hellmuth – Poker Brat

The Poker Brat (Phil Hellmuth – 11 times WSOP winner) is going to arrive in London in style. As usual Phil Hellmuth of Ultimate Bet Poker has planned some kind of weird entry when he arrives at the WSOPE Saturday September 26.

Something must be wrong

2007- Londoners must have thought something was really wrong when a Hellmuth-branded double-decker bus inclusive Phil himself and 12 models toured in the streets of London. No one in the poker world were especially surprised as Phil is known to make blow ups and crazy stuff whenever he get a chance to show himself in front of cameras.

2008- Londoners were this time invited to show up as Phil Hellmuth lookalikes at the WSOPE. Most poker players prayed that there would only be one Phil Hellmuth ever and that a true lookalike was impossible to find.

2009- WSOP Julius Caesar aka Phil Hellmuth arrives at the RIO guarded by Roman legionnaires and with muses throwing rose petals all over and to top this stunt all of the people involved were body painted as their only outfit.

2009 WSOPE- WOW who can even imagine how this escalates. A branded bus with some models is pretty innocent which also count for the Phil Hellmuth lookalike party same. A bunch of naked Romans and Phil running around in Julius Caesar costume kind of escalated the way the Poker Brat introduced himself this summer and if the curve continues to be exponential in terms of what Phil Hellmuth is going to present to his audience then only God knows what Londoners will face this coming Saturday at 5-6 Leicester Square 12:30 UK.

Everyone is welcome

Everyone is welcome to go and see the Phil Hellmuth show and to our best believe not even your imagination will be able to understand what could happen when the Poker Brat once again introduce himself to the Londoners

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