Party Poker World Open V- Luke “FullFlush1” Schwartz wins heat 1

He came, he saw, he conquered but not without a lot of pain to it. Luke Schwartz managed to prove he is a poker player to be reckoned after winning heat 1 of the Party Poker World Open V after beating the German online qualifier Christian Schaffer heads up. It was not in the cards that Luke Schwartz was even going to get a chance to participate in the Party Poker World Open V as he was rejected at the door step when trying to enter the Genting Stanley Group premises.

Egg sandwich

A recent ban during the EPT London for grabbing an Egg sandwich without paying led to Luke FullFlush1 Schwartz being banned from the Palm Beach Casino in London and now it seems the ban is actually nationwide for the 25 year old UK poker professional. Party Poker officials had to promise to escort Luke at all times while in the casino and to be responsible for his actions to make the casino allow Luke Schwartz to enter the World Open V.

For Luke this was a great chance to prove him self at the poker tables and despite all the fuss he managed to go on to be his heat opponents. It was a tough heat the young Brit faced and players like Yevgeniy Timoshenko and WSOP main event finalist James Akenhead was obstacles needed to be removed for Schwartz before advancing to round two which is to be played Thursday. The winner takes home a first prize of $250.000 and if the casino in the days to come decide to go hard on FullFlush1 then the Egg scandal might cost him the chance of winning $250.000 which certainly will make the famous egg sandwich the most expensive in the world.

Heat 2 was also played yesterday with poker superstar Phil Laak in the drivers seat from the very first minute of the heat. A lot of raising managed to make Phil take control over the table which Praz Bansi decided to fight and the two players played a big pot early on in the game. Praz managed to make a huge bluff on the river but Phil Laak decided to call a scary board with his two pairs and raked in a big pot. Phil Laak then lost a very big pot with AK vs. TT leaving him with only 50.000 in chips but managed to claw his way back again and again to finally end up playing Patrick Funke for the Heat 2 win. When the dust settled in a hand where Patrick Funke had his AK outdrawn by Phil’s A8, Phil Laak advanced to the final table where it will be great to see the Unabomber play against FullFlush1.

Exiting line ups

Heat 3 which saw on of the more exiting line ups including Jennifer Tilly, Tom “Durrrr” Dwan, Sammy “Any Two” George, Neil Channing and Roland De Wolfe are still to be concluded and sees the Unabomber’s girlfriend Jennifer Tilly controlling the table. Tilly eliminated Durrrr early on with AA vs. JJ holding up and the Full Tilt poker sponsored UK player Roland De Wolfe are also out in fifth place. Heat 3 is still to be concluded and the winner will be found between Jennifer, Neil and Sammy George. No doubt it would be great to see Sammy nail this one as him and Luke Schwartz at the same final table could create some spectacular TV. Updates regarding the Party Poker Open will be posted as soon as we know the results of the heats.

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