Party Poker World open taken down by Phil Unabomber Laak

Party Poker World open taken down by Phil Unabomber Laak: The final table at Party Poker World Open V had a great lineup with some really strong professional players competing for the $250.000 first prize. Phil Unabomber Laak ended as the final winner leaving online qualifier Jan Veit as the runner up taking home $100.000 and Luke FullFlush1 Schwartz in third position winning $40.000.

With a $1.400.000 in total live time tournament winnings and a mediocre 2009 ($32.000 in winnings) so far the $250.000 certainly adds to Phil Laak’s poor results recently. Actually this win secure that he more than double his 2008 result and hopefully it gives a boost to the Unabomber’s tournament form so we will see him at more final tables.

Not in the cards

Winning Party Poker World Open was not really in the cards for Phil as he chipped down at a fast pace at the final table and at one point was left with only 47.000 tournament chips when blinds were 15k/30k. A series of doubling ups where Phil Laak on several occasions was behind made him come back in to the game and finally saw him self heads up against online qualifier Jan Veit who really presented him self well at the final table. Phil Laak holding A8 vs. Veit’s A4 crippled the Austrian who then had to showe it all in with J7 against Unabomber’s Q9. The board bricked out and Phil Laak’s first real tournament victory since the William Hill Grand Prix first place finish in 2005 was a reality.

Luke Schwartz trash talking once again

Spectators can look forward to see this final table when it airs later this year as Luke FullFlush1 Schwartz as usual is unstoppable trash talking his opponents. Luke was fairly unlucky not going into the heads up against Phil Laak but still he once again proved himself as a great poker player with his third place finish.

Final result of Party Poker World Open V:

1. Phil Unabomber Laak $250.000
2. Jan Veit $100.000
3. Luke FullFlush1 Schwartz $40.000
4. Bodo Sbrzesny $30.000
5. Jennifer Tilly $25.000
6. Mike Sexton $20.000
7. Andy Black $15.000

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