Party Poker gives away extra cash

During the month of November, Party Poker are awarding their players with a variety of different prizes, from entry to their freeroll tournaments, cash prizes or even a seat to the WPT LA Poker Classic-worth a staggering $10,000. The promotion is called The Gladiator.

How it works

How does it work? Depending on how many points you earn each day will depend on what prize you will qualify for at Party Poker. Earning 10 points each day, for 5 days, will enter you to a $5000 freeroll. If you manage to earn 10 points over 25 days, then you will receive $25 in cash.

The more points you earn each day, will result in bigger prizes to be won. This means that if you earn 1500 points each day for 5 days you will receive $600 in cash, right up to 30 days at 1500 points per day when you will then win a seat in the WPT LA Poker Classic. You can see all the prizes in the table below.

Party Poker Gladiator Prizes
Points to be earned each day Number of days target hit
5 10 15 20 25 30
10 $5,000
$15 $20
20 $10,000
$15 $35 $45
50 $25,000
$25 $50 $90 $120
100 $25 $60 $120 $190 $250
200 $55 $140 $250 $400 $525
400 $125 $300 $550 $850 $1,100
800 $300 $700 $1,200 $1,750 $2,250
1,500 $600 $1,400 $2,250 $3,500 $5,000 *$10,000 WPT seat

What is even better about this promotion is that if you miss a day playing it does not matter. The points do not have to be accumulated each day. They are calculated for each day you earn the required points over the month of November. For example:- 50 points for 5 days, have 5 days rest then play for 20 days at 50 points per day, you will receive $150.

Sign up today and receive 100% Party Poker bonus up to $500 and enter into the Gladiator competition for even more cash prizes. Stamina could take you all the way to beautiful LA and the Commerce Casino where the LA Poker Classic will be played later this year.

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