Party Poker Bonus Promotions in December

Party Poker will reward a player $1,000.000 if winning three tournament sin December. This guarantee is part of the December Party Poker bonus promotion schedule where players can win extra cash in three different ways.

Weekdays and saturday

MTT Jackpots are a freeroll mania series that are played all weekdays plus Saturday throughout December. Every freeroll will see a $5000 pool to be shared amongst the top 200 daily winners and all winners advance to the $250,000 Grand Final to be played January 3, 2010. The buy in to the freerolls are 20 Party points and on top of the many thousand dollars given away players participating will stand a chance to win a cool $1,000.000.

The requirement to get hold of $1,000.000 in real cash is to win 3 of the $5000 freerolls hosted by Party Poker. Any player winning 2 of the aforementioned freerolls will receive $100,000 which is a great added Party Poker bonus to players who will feel the excitement after winning their first tournament. An additional win will suddenly become worth $100,000 of free cash.

For Sit and go players Party Poker will host the Jackpot Hunter STT jackpot promotion taking place from December 1 to December 31. Players compete on three different levels which are STTs with a $55(Gold), $12-$54(Silver) or $3-$11(Bronze) buy in. Jackpot winners have to win 5 consecutive STTs on their level in a row before they jackpot is paid out and a limited amount of jackpots are available which give players who begin their quest for fame, glory and cash early an advantage.

$50.000 jackpot

A $55+ STT jackpot is worth $50,000 paid to the first player at this level fulfilling the requirement of 5 consecutive 10 handed STTs won. The silver jackpot is worth $20,000 and will be paid to the first 3 players who accomplish the 5 wins in a row and finally 5 players have the opportunity to win $10,000 in the Bronze Jackpot Hunter STT competition. Cash game players will participate in a cash game race where $50,000 is given away to the players who collect most Party Points (poker only) in the period December 3 to December 23. Party Poker has excluded all Palladium players from this promotion which make it much easier for Bronze, Silver and Gold players to win the top prize of $3000. With 500 players being paid it is possible to pick up an extra chunk of cash when playing at Party Poker and at the same time players can spend their earned points either to buy new bonuses or participate in the MTT jackpot offer where $1,000.000 can be won.

An enjoyable December await Party Poker new customers who also can participate in the Monthly Million Sunday tournament with a $150,000+ first place prize and receive an introduction offer of $500 when making their first deposit.

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