Online Poker Tournaments

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All online poker sites offer a multitude of daily poker tournaments with different buy ins and formats.

The most popular tournaments

Standard Multi Table Tournaments (MTTs) are the most popular online poker tournaments. For a small amount of money players can win a substantial tournament first prize. MTT poker tournaments often take up to 4-5 hours before the MTT winner can walk away with his winnings and players should remember to have sufficient time devoted to poker before entering a MTT poker tournament.

Multi Table tournaments buy ins range from $1 to $500 for the biggest Sunday poker tournaments. Normal MTT poker tournaments cost $5-$20 to join.

Players who prefer to play higher buy in online poker tournaments can win their way through qualifiers and satellites instead of paying the expensive buy in in full. It is a great MTT strategy to win your way to the more expensive ones by qualifying through less expensive Multi table tournaments.

A few advices need to be mentioned in relation to MTT tournament strategy.

Play tight in the beginning of the tournament. There is no reason to get involved with mediocre hands when blinds are low and not antes are in play.

Play more aggressive at later stages. Later stages can often be defined as the point in the Multi Table tournament where antes come in to play.

Many poker players like to get in the money in tournaments and fold otherwise normal playable hands. Thus aggressive play when getting close to the money is rewarded by picking up quite a few easy pots. As blinds and antes are bigger now it is worth the risk raising pots with other hands than just quality poker hands.

The main idea behind this MTT strategy is that most of the prize pool are paid out to the final table contestants and reaping the rewards on the final table of an MTT has a lot more value in the long run than just getting in the money. Actually it makes sense to be very aggressive on the final table too. Winners of MTTs are the ones rewarded with a really big percentage share of the total prize pool.

Keep an eye out

Keep a good eye on your stack size compared to the blinds. Especially the number of chips you hold divided by the big blind amount is an important indicator of how well you are doing in the online poker tournament. If the result of the division (tournament chips/big blind) are greater than 10 then you are in fairly good shape and can afford to wait for a good hand.

If the result is between 6 and 10 it indicates you need to find some spots to accumulate more chips. Raising and reraising with more hands is the correct MTT strategy.

If the result is less than 6 then you are in trouble and do not have the luxury to wait for good holdings. Raising any hand if you are the first player to enter the pot is a valid strategy at this point of a poker online tournament.

Becoming a good MTT tournament poker players require some experience but since it is very cheap to enter many of the MTTs then this learning curve can be achieved really cheap.

The online poker sites with most MTT action during the day are of course the ones with most players logged in on average. The online sites with the best and most profitable MTT poker tournaments are not necessarily the same sites.

Many poker sites operate with guaranteed prize pools to players. The worlds 3 biggest poker sites seldom have overlays in their Multi Table poker tournaments.

PokerStars showed by far how big a MTT site they actually are when they hosted a tournament with 65.000 paying players in. This it is an astronomical number and only PokerStars can make tournaments this big. PokerStars MTTs run all day long and many times every hour.

Full Tilt Poker hit 50.000 players

Full Tilt poker did exactly 50.000 real players in one poker online tournament. Besides Pokerstars, Fulltilt poker should be visited when looking for a great MTT to play.

William Hill also has a lot of MTT action and players will never wait for a new tournament to begin at William Hill Poker. The latest news from William Hill is that they now host a 1 million guaranteed tournament once every month.

Classic Poker has a great poker tournament schedule with loads of guaranteed mtt tournaments. Classic Poker is a great choice for non US players who look for good guarantees and regular overlays.

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