Online poker illegal in Denmark

Today the Supreme Court in Denmark convicted and confiscated winnings from an online poker player. This ruling now makes it illegal to be a professional poker player in Denmark.

Funds confiscated

A 34 year old man today had DKK 194.000 (€26.000) confiscated by the Danish authorities after he was sentenced for making a living out of “gambling”. The ruling in the normally liberal Denmark seems to have serious consequences for many of the Danish Professional players.

It is still unclear if it has been illegal to play online poker the last 5 years but without doubt it will be deemed in the future until Danish politicians make clear rules. Many of the Danish pro poker players have for the last 6 months been in talk with each other about finding the country to settle down in if this ruling actually would come into place.

Søren Kongsgaard the Danish Red Poker Pro from Full Till Poker moved several months ago to sunny Cyprus and WSOP main event winner 2008 Peter Eastgate is now living in London. More famous Danes like Mr. Aki (Albert Iversen) and the young PLO player Alexander Petersen also recently moved to the capital of England.

Many players stuck in Denmark

However many pro players are left in Denmark with houses and families and will not be able to “flee” the country and most likely have to quit playing until a proper solution are found.

Being at risk for conviction and confiscations performing your work is a pretty harsh thing to face for the poker players in Denmark.

A few months ago the players was hit by a tax law making the community pay a sum equivalent to €3.000.000 back to the Danish tax authorities. Player winnings on PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and many other poker rooms are not tax free for Danish players. All poker rooms with Malta or Gibraltar license are deemed to be tax free for Danes. A total of 9 rooms have a formal letter from Danish tax that show that winnings are tax free which of course does not make sense as it is illegal to play.

At Danish owner of Classic Poker told our fellow team Danish team that he left Denmark back in 2005 due to non transparent regulations. Today is a sad day for Danish professional players and hope the situation will be resolved soon for this group. More to come on this story, add to favorites to locate updates with ease.

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