Online poker help tools

Beginners playing online poker should use some of the small help tools provided by the different poker software’s. The magnitude of help new players can get when they play online poker are enormous. Small graphical things make online poker a game everyone can play and get familiar with very fast.

The deck

Many new online poker players are not aware of the “four color deck” feature most poker rooms have. Using the four color deck makes online play a little simpler as it is easier to determine any possible flushes on the board.

Red, green, blue and black is the most often used colors in the four color deck. It might take a few rounds before players get familiarized to think about a blue flush instead of a diamond flush but in the long run most player’s ends up preferring the 4 color option over the 2 color option.

Changing from the normal card deck to the four color deck is fairly simple on most online poker sites. Find “options” in the poker lobby and you should be able to change the way your cards are displayed.

Players who multi table really enjoy the four color deck option as it avoid quite a few mistakes on a monthly basis.

A different feature is often heavily debated. Some poker sites allow a help function that tell players what cards they hold and displays the value of the hand. Especially Pot Limit Omaha players are against this help tool, as they believe their opponents are less inclined to make major mistakes when they can not misread their hand.

Alot of options

Online poker has so many options and possibilities that are to the player’s advantage. One of those is the speed of the deal. Brick and mortar card rooms deal 32-38 hands per hour. In online poker players get up to 100 hands per hour and can play multiple games. For poker professionals playing 12 tables it mean they are dealt 30-40 times the amount of hands per hour as if they were playing live poker.

This has made it a lot easier to make a living out of poker than before internet poker was invented. Players playing this many hands are referred to as “grinders”.

Another great thing is that all poker hands are stored on the computers hard disk after completion of the poker hands. Players can after sessions analyze the hands and find eventual leaks in their game and thus improve their poker extremely much faster than live players can.

More poker hands per hour and the ability to go over them again is very strong tools for players who wants to become a better poker player.

Remember to study the software you download. PokerStars and Full Tilt poker software are known for their many great features. Especially PokerStars ability to change the whole poker software from one language to another is state of the art in the poker software industry. 25 different languages are available within seconds and players who prefer to play in their national language have the best chance of doing exactly that on PokerStars.

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