Online casinos rigged?

Las Vegas casinos are regulated by the Nevada Gaming Commission who control all employees, percentage payouts in all casino games including progressive slots and make sure that all rules and regulations are follow in detail by all casinos.

No difference

Online casinos are no different. First of all many respected online casino games are programmed by stock listed companies. Already at this point security and control are in place. Documentation for every single game programmed is prepared from these big companies otherwise they will never get the games approved around the world by the different gaming authorities. The documentation process takes a long time to prepare as there will be endless of testing hours put in to this.

The programmers of the casino games have in recent years begun to co-operate with many famous brands. Marvel is such brand who has sold the rights to HULK, Superman and many other characters to an online software producer. The integrity of these big brands adds to the security for online casino players that everything is checked and no bugs are in the software.

Casino operators are often only licensing the software from the software companies. The online casino operators are merely marketing companies and not performing the gaming at all. They do not have access to the coding of the software and thus it is impossible to change the different casino games.

A fact is that casino play is meant to be leisure and not a mean for getting rich. Las Vegas is the living proof of table and casino games being in the casinos favor. Of course players can hit the jackpot but overall a casino visit weather it is live or online should be considered as recreational activities and thus expectation about losing a little to the casino who provide service.

The bottom line

The bottom line to avoid getting ripped off from a small time online casino operator is to play with respected brand names which have proved over time to honor their name and pay their players on time. The criteria you should look out for before making a decision to play on a particular internet casino site are the following:

1. Is the site a brand?
2. Has the site been reported and removed by any respected online casino portal?
3. Where is it licensed?
4. Does it offer Customer Service?
5. Is there any respected site which can refer you?
6. Who is its software provider?

All these questions can be answered by browsing carefully through the pages of a particular site which you are planning to deposit at. If you are in doubt use google to search for the name of the casino name + complaints. only lists the most reputable brands, if we receive one complaint that proves to be against any of our players we will BLACKLIST the particular casino site immediately.

Important Note* As of the 8th of September 2009 we are currently unable to refer players to city club casino as we have had serious lack of communication and coordination with their representatives.

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