Omaha Poker

Omaha Poker games are closely related to the Texas Holdem Poker games and have become much more popular in recent years. Omaha Poker is known as the action game and opposite Texas Holdem it is normally played as a Pot Limit or Fixed Limit game. The recent popularity of Omaha Poker is probably due to the action felt nature of the game, which appeals too many poker players. At the same time many high stakes poker players has taken up Omaha Poker, again increasing its popularity. A majority of high stakes poker professionals seems to prefer Omaha Poker and you regularly see big Omaha Poker games on poker sites like PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker( we never recommend players to play at Full Tilt Poker), where players like Phil Ivey, Gus Hansen, Tom “durrrr” Dwan, Phil “OMGCLAYAIKEN” Galfond, Isildur1 and more battle it out for millions of dollars in Omaha poker. Today Omaha Poker is by far the second most popular game played in online poker and many people in poker world consider this poker game the future of online poker. It is surely getting closer and closer to Texas Holdem in popularity each day and might even catch up some day soon.

Playing Omaha Poker

As a poker game Omaha Poker have one major structural difference from Texas Holdem poker, as players are dealt four closed hole cards from the start of each hand. At the same time players MUST use two of their hole cards and three community cards to form their best poker hand, and no more, no less. This also mean Omaha Poker games are quite different from Texas Holdem Poker games strategically, even though the rules are basically the same. It is important to keep in mind that a winning Texas Holdem poker strategy is not automatically optimal for Omaha poker games and vice versa. This is mainly due to the extra hole cards and the fact that Omaha Poker games are normally played as Pot Limit, which make the optimal strategy for each poker game quite different. Of cause a lot of things can be transferred between the two poker games and players knowing Texas Holdem will have an advantage trying to learn Omaha poker games from a player who is new to poker.

If you are looking for a new poker game to play, Omaha Poker is a really fun and action filled game to choose. The increasing popularity also makes Omaha Poker a good way to go, as you will always be able to find action playing Omaha Poker online. Below we have listed the best online Omaha Poker sites to help you find the best Omaha Poker games online.

The best Omaha Poker online
Site Bonus Review Visit
William Hill Poker William Hill Poker €1400 Review
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PokerStars PokerStars $1500 Review
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Full Tilt Poker Full Tilt Poker $600 Review
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Betfair Poker Betfair Poker $2000 Review
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Betfred Poker Betfred Poker €1500 Review
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Betsafe Poker Betsafe Poker $ Review
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Omaha Poker Games

Omaha High Poker

Most people think of Omaha High when you say Omaha Poker, and this variant is by far the more popular of the two Omaha Poker games both online and live. The game is normally played as either Pot Limit or Fixed Limit with the former being the preferred choice by most poker players. Often when people mention Omaha or Omaha High, they are referring to Pot Limit Omaha. Other used acronyms are PL Omaha or just PLO, which are frequently used to describe the game. The term High means that only the highest hand wins the pot at showdown and is used not to confuse the game with the High/Low Omaha variant. The game is played by each player receiving four hidden hole cards and all players sharing five community cards on the board. As in Texas Holdem poker there are four betting rounds; one pre-flop and one on the flop, turn and river. Players can win a hand by everybody folding or by having the best hand at showdown on the river. Once again players should remember that they MUST use two cards from their own hand and three cards from the board to form the best hand.

Overall the similarity between Texas Holdem and Omaha High makes it easy to learn and most poker players will enjoy the extra challenges and action by having four hole cards. The many Omaha High games running at most online poker sites also make it easy to get experience compared to other poker games. If you want to try out a new poker game, Omaha High is highly recommendable for players looking for refreshment to Texas Holdem or other poker games.

Omaha Hi/Lo Poker

Omaha High/Low is basically a somewhat more advanced sister variant to Omaha High. The only difference between the two games is, that you can win the pot by both having the best Omaha high hand and having the best Omaha low hand. If one player has the best Omaha high hand and another player the best Omaha low hand, they will split the pot between them. A player having both the best high and low Omaha hand will win the entire pot, also known as a scoop in high/low poker games. The best Omaha low hand is A2345, also known as a wheel. Omaha Hi/Lo is also referred to as Omaha eight or better, because players can not use cards over 8 to form their low hand. All flushes and straights do not count toward low hands and again players should be aware that they MUST use two hole cards and three community cards to form both their best low and high Omaha hand. If no players have a qualifying low hand, the best high hand wins the entire pot. Like Omaha High this game is normally played as either Pot Limit or Fixed Limit.

Although not nearly as popular as Omaha High, the Omaha Hi/Lo is becoming increasingly more played in online poker. Many poker players like the extra strategic challenges made by Hi/Lo games and players mastering Omaha High/Low can surely win good money by playing the game online. We would however recommend learning Omaha High first, as you will get a better understanding of Omaha Hi/Lo by doing so and will have basic strategic knowledge about Omaha Poker before starting.

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