Non regulated gambling in Cyprus is proving to be out of control

The news revealed from authorities in Cyprus earlier this week concerning the arrest of 42 female senior citizens which were participating in poker and gin rummy games running in an illegal “card room” establishment were just the beginning of a number of increased reports for non regulated gambling facilities which are spreading across the island and more or less falling out of control.

Underground war

News today have revealed that an underground war has evolved between the owners of so called internet cafes which are serving purposes of online gambling shops with the center of attraction being a bombing attack in a central internet casino shop in the heart of Limassol (The 2nd biggest town of the island), as published in Cypriot newspaper headlines early today.

Sources from the island reveal that through the past year non – regulated gambling in Cyprus is on a vertical incline with the appearance of so called internet cafés which serve purposes of cash to cash online gambling operators.

Locals say that it is a form of entertainment for them as life in the island during the (winter months) is rather flat. Our representative in the island states that these cash to cash internet casino cafes are spreading rapidly. Each neighborhood seems to be hosting its own facility which is the primary reason for this underground war which has evolved between shop owners due to huge non taxable profits.

Several problems

The so called internet cafes or internet casinos are at this point adding up to the hassles of the local authorities with the already established troubles of illegal card rooms. The gambling war which has started in the island concerns Texas Hold em card rooms with thousands of dollars played every day, card rooms hosting Gin Rummy; played by senior citizens with more mild amounts and now the internet casinos which are joining the mix of troubles of local authorities.

As odd as it might seem, Cyprus is the center of operations for more than 80 regulated online gambling operations due to taxation reasons. It is rather ironic that the government which permits international gaming operations to maintain limited liability companies is failing to control the spread of this non regulated raid which will soon start to reveal more problems from both a crime factor angle and of course a financial factor angle to the participating citizens which are placing money in stake in exchange for entertainment on slot machines and other casino games which hold absolutely no guarantees an no payout percentages making it even more worrying in terms of addiction.

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