Mikkel Kessler vs. Carl Froch – Super Six Boxing – betting picks

Boxing BettingOn Saturday Mikkel Kessler will fight Carl Froch in the Super Six World Boxing Classic at 22:00 CET in Herning, Denmark. The former super middleweight titleholder, Mikkel Kessler, lost his first fight in Super Six and will be looking for a comeback Saturday, while Carl Froch once again will put his WBC title on the line.

Interesting match

Already when the Super Six Series was announced, the fight between Kessler and Froch was deemed one of the most interesting in the tournament, but after Kessler was well out-boxed against Andre Ward, at the first round stage, some doubt has arisen about the Danes strength. Mikkel Kessler’s defeat to Andre Ward was quite an upset to the boxing world, given the Dane had only lost one time before that fight. This was against Joe Calzaghe back in November 2007, where he was out pointed by Calzaghe in a close fight away from home in front of 50.000 Calzaghe fans in Cardiff.

The fight against Andre Ward left a somewhat different picture and the once so feared Viking Warrior might be closing in on the end. Not only did Mikkel Kessler loose, he was out-classed by the much faster and elegant Andre Ward. By the end of the night Kessler did not only end up with a scarred face, but even worse a deeply bruised ego. Mikkel Kessler is now 42-2 (32 KO) in his professional carrier, which in itself is not bad, but the two defeats came in his last two fights and tonight will likely be his last chance.

The big question

The big question is whether Kessler still has what it takes to win at this level and can shake off the defeat against Andre Ward. After the fight he ended a long-term partnership with trainer and personal friend Ricard Olsen and partnered up with Jimmy Montoya, who is faced with the challenge of bringing the old Mikkel Kessler back. Jimmy Montoya has assisted Kessler before with training and support at ringside, but never had full responsibility for him. It will be interesting to see, if he can bring a fresh tactical perspective to the canvas and help Kessler back on track. The 70 year old trainer surely has the experience and engagement to do it, but only Kessler can show he means business and have the character to do it.

On the other hand Carl Froch landed two Super Six points against a somewhat disappointing Andre Dirrell. Despite he won the fight, it was never really convincing from Froch, but to be fair he didn’t really get a chance to show his full potential because of the Americans constant lack of engagement in the fight. This said, he did win the fight oversea, and at the same time the win does look better after Andre Dirrell beat undefeated Arthur Abraham in the second round.

Carl Froch is currently 26-0 (20 KO) and seems to be almost overconfident in his own abilities. In fairness though, Froch has every reason possible to be so, coming from an unbeaten run of 26 fights. Actually he has defended his world title three times in just over a year already and has done so quite impressively. Perhaps the biggest problem for Kessler tonight will be the fact that Froch has never lost and don’t think he can.

The Cobra is confident

The Cobra is surely the more confident boxer of the two and probably the most hardcore too. On the other hand Kessler is the better boxer and does have more tools and skills than Froch, but whether he can comeback depend a lot on his mental state tonight. This will be his last chance and he must be hungry for victory after two defeats.

If you are looking to place a bet on the fight, you can currently get odds 1.67 for Mikkel Kessler and odds 2.10 for Carl Froch at William Hill Sports. Despite his loss to Ward, Mikkel Kessler is the bookmaker favorite tonight, which is not surprising given he is at home and normally does well against European boxers. This said, it will be a tough fight for both boxers and the outcome will depend on their mental state tonight. They are both known to be hard fighters and none of them have been knocked out before, though Froch has been in the canvas one time counting. We predict a long fight in 12 rounds, which are likely to be decided by points. Our betting pick is Mikkel Kessler to win at odds 1.67. The reason for this choice is simply his home advantage and the fact that he is a more skillful boxer. One could argue Kessler’s mental state does not merit this bet and will influence his performance, but only time will tell.

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