Luke Schwartz aka FullFlush1

During the last year the poker community have seen and heard a lot to the UK poker player Luke Schwartz aka FullFlush1. The latest incident during EPT London where Luke Schwartz presumably nicked a cheese sandwich without paying for it resulted in his second ban from all Grosvenor casinos in the UK.

His side of the story

Luke himself is yet to tell his side of the story but we definitely look forward to hear about it. However this player go nowhere with out making sure the medias will have something to write about him even if it is infantile comments regarding well respected poker players.

He is the new Phil Hellmuth and Tony G clone in many ways, always making sure people see and hear him but he seems without the class the aforementioned players in many respects have. Luke Schwartz’ cheap comments regarding Tom “Durrrr” Dwans person are flying around on all internet forums related to poker.

He is having the guts to call on of the best players of today a spastic and arrogant social retard which will create smiles amongst the railbirds and youngster but what is more important is that all serious players have lost their respect for him and it is doubtful he will ever be able to regain any respect in the true poker community despite his young age.

Luke Schwartz might not care at this point in time but poker has more or lees always been a gentleman sport with a little hick ups here and there created by Tony G and players all over the world believe that winning or losing always need to be taken in a gracious way. FullFlush1 is not gracious in any way shape or form but plain rude in his behavior.

Luke Schwartz is one guy with a wrong attitude who at some point will be seen left alone all by himself. His crew of followers might increase as long as he is golden and keeps winning but at the end of the day Durrrr will be the one coming out on top as he has no need to use verbal harassment to get in the Medias or profile him self.

The fearless durrrr

Durrrr manage that just by being who he are playing fearless in the biggest games against anyone who would like to test him and by the well thought out Durrrr Challenge. Durrrr is in this respect real classy and beats Luke Schwartz by lengths in perception regarding who has the upper hand between the two of them which he also showed in his response regarding the rude comments on his person as the answer was a plain and simple comment stating that Durrrr do not even know FullFlush1. A clash at the felt seems to come closer and closer and Durrrr might even go down in stakes just to show who is truly the best Heads Up player between the two of them.

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