Lady Gaga – Poker Face

The poker madness has officially moved to the very next level, as Lady Gaga has taken her music hit Poker Face to the next level and at the same time giving the poker industry a major boost.

Bwin Poker commercial

The most beneficiary from Lady Gaga’s, Poker Face video is Bwin Poker as they are advertising their poker room in her video.
“Poker Face” featuring Lady Gaga was written by electro pop American singer and song writer or Stefani Joanna Germanotta (real name) also known as Lady Gaga how gives her sexiest and hottest performance ever aired.

The song which was written as a tribute to Lady Gaga’s friends, has received the best of critics as she has been praised for the robotic look of the video. Gaga straight to the point said that the song was a tribute to sex and gambling as she claims to love both.

The term Poker Face which is the central idea of the song has just made the term more popular as since the launch of the video, we have seen it used in many poker room advertisements, featuring some of the best poker players of the world.

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