Ladbrokes Casino Offers a Jaguar in the May Prize Draw!

ladbrokes Casino win a jaguarThere has never been a bigger and more exciting reason to join Ladbrokes Casino without even thinking a moment more about your decision to do so. A stunning prize draw is scheduled for the 16th May 2014 with a Jaguar F-Type as the amazing prize. The car is convertible and comes in bright red with a roaring V6 engine sending a cool message to the whole world as you drive around. The draw is taking place in the Ladbrokes head office in Harrow with the winning ticket randomly selected ensuring total fairness.

Look for the Eligible Games in the Venue

You only need to be a signed up member of Ladbrokes Casino with an ID number for yourself which you e mail along with the small list of details that Ladbrokes need to get you down on the register of active participants in the prize draw. You are issued with one ticket as soon as you prove your membership and then you get another ticket added to the draw every time that you make a combined £50 wager in the Ladbrokes Casino on specific games until the 14th May. The car will be given to a winner in the UK around 30 days after the draw and a winner residing outside the UK will get the equivalent value of the car in hard cash!

Ladbrokes has a spectacular online casino which has more than 290 incredibly modern and lucrative games presented in a beautiful way with astonishingly clear graphics and sound effects to create the mood for every game. The casino has been online for quite a while operating in 7 languages and reaching people who enjoy online gaming in hundreds of countries on all the continents on the globe. Register your account now through our link below and get your first ticket into the draw as well as a welcome bonus of up to £500.


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Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.