Keys to success in online poker part 1

Concentration is one of the main keys to success playing online poker. To observe your opponents is one of the most profitable ways to spend your time when you play poker online. It will improve your results significantly.

Bad habits

  1. Most online poker players have some really bad habits and below are a list of advices that will ensure a major improvement in your concentration level.
  2. Close all chat applications. Programs like MSN, Yahoo and Skype should not run while you play poker online. Concentrating on the players at your table is far more important than chatting about inferior subjects between hands.
  3. Set up rules where it is not allowed to surf the internet while playing. It is of course tempting between hands to check your Facebook profile, follow live scores or browse around to find the cheapest holiday. All this however has a price to it in regards of your poker results.
  4. Make sure you have sufficient time to play a session. Agree with your family that now you take 3 hours of concentrated poker.
  5. Cleaning while playing online poker is often seen. Most likely the other players at the table will clean you out if you do not concentrate on the game instead.
  6. Actually it is very important to be in a really good mood before playing. Do not play if you had a bad day or if anything trouble you mind. Make sure you can focus entirely on poker and that nothing else has priority in your mind.
  7. Make sure you always are aware of your mindset. Players who do not have total tilt control have to leave the poker room if they feel upset about a hand. Tilt will lose you many buy in, in a short period and recovery is going to take a long time.
  8. Do not play to break even. Many players continue to play to become even for the day if they are a little stuck. However playing online poker when not in a perfect physical condition will over time cost you a lot. Playing when tired is a very big blunder most players have tried. Poker is a never ending session and it is impossible to win every session. Any loss will be won back a lot easier when you are well rested and ready to play your best game. Playing tired opens the door for disaster and mistakes.
  9. Do not play too many tables. Online poker players often feel that it becomes a little boring waiting for the next hand. Opening more tables to get more and faster action is often used as a cure against boredom. Instead you should use the note function on Titan Poker or any other poker room where you play to make sure you remember other poker player’s habits. Suddenly poker is not boring between hands. The time is spent on income gaining activities and you will see the rewards in a short period of time after you have implemented concentration improvement tools in your game.

After any poker session you should take a little time to think about what happened. Did you follow the above advice and if not what impacts did it have on your concentration level and results.

The facts of poker

Playing poker has to be fun but at the same time players need to realize that poker is a skill game where there are keys to success. Besides this article series that will give you 7 keys to success in online poker another key is to take advantage of our exclsuive Mansion Poker Bonus Code to get the maximum value out of your deposit.

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