Jonathan Duhamel wins WSOP Main Event

This years WSOP Main Event was concluded last night, when the final Heads-Up match was played in Las Vegas at the Penn & Teller Theater between Jonathan Duhamel and John Racener. Canadian Jonathan Duhamel was the major favorite for the title going into the Heads-Up with 86 % of the chips and never gave away his lead.

Racener defeated

The huge chip was more than John Racener could overcome and Duhamel only needed 43 hands to decide the match. Being shortstacked John Racener needed a double up early on, but never really got back in the match and was running out of time and chips already at the first and only break during Heads-Up play.

Shortly after it was all over, and Racener had to settle for second place. The final hand came after John Racener had lost 5 out of 6 hands to Duhamel, who put maximum pressure on his shortstacked opponent. In the end he decided to look him with


, but was behind Jonathan Duhamels


, and needed help to keep the dream alive. However, the flop came


, which was little help for Racener and left Duhamel in great position to win the title. The turn and river did not change that situation coming


, and secured Jonathan Duhamel the WSOP title and deserved applauses from the rail.

At the same time John Racener had to settle for second, although a very lucrative one with $5,545,955 in prize money. On the other hand Jonathan Duhamel can take $8,944,310 to the bank for first and call himself the first Canadian Main Event winner in WSOP history.

In addition the 23 year old secured the third victory for the young online players, following the victories of retired Peter Eastgate and last years WSOP champion Joe Cada.

The rest of the WSOP Main Event final table played out as follows:

1. Jonathan Duhamel – $8,944,310
2. John Racener – $5,545,955
3. Joseph Cheong – $4,130,049
4. Filippo Candio – $3,092,545
5. Michael Mizrachi – $2,332,992
6. John Dolan – $1,772,959
7. Jason Senti – $1,357,720
8. Matthew Jarvis – $1,045,743
9. Soi Nguyen – $811,823

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