Isildur1 loses ($878,958,50) biggest online pot ever to Patrik Antonius

full-tilt-bonus1Everybody knows the name Isildur1 by now as the player has been molesting Tom “Durrrr” Dwan on Full Tilt Poker high stake tables in recent weeks. In between his epic matches versus Dwan, Isildur1 has chosen to relax a little playing Patrik Antonius at several PLO $500-$1000 tables where the biggest pot in online history took place between the two combatants. With effective stacks of more than $439,000 each the final pot that Isildur1 lost to Patrik Antonius was a massive $878,958,50 worth.

Isildur1 holding: AsKsQT
Patrik Anotonius: AhQ96h

The pre-flop action saw Isildur1 make it $3000 with Patrik making the call.

Flop: Qs7h5h

A great flop for Patrik giving him top pair, flush draw and gut shot straight draw and even none of his draws were to the nuts his cards would still act as blockers in case Isildur1 had hit the flop too.

Isildur1 holding top pair with top kicker and some backdoor straight and flush draws also liked his hand and fired a $5000 bet after Patrik checked his option. Patrik came right back with a check raise to $21,000 which Isildur1 smooth called.

Turn: Ad

This turn card created the biggest fireworks ever seen online as Patrik now improved his hand to top two pair still with a flush and gut shot straight draw and Isildur1 also made top two with top kicker and nut straight draws.

Patrik came out with a $48,000 bet which immediately saw Isildur rerasing the full $192,000. This did not slow down Patrik who went all in putting Isildur1 to the test. With this large pot and outs to the nuts it was not really a test for Isildur1 who made the call.

River: 8d

Patrik SPIKED the river straight to take home an incredible online pot of almost $900,000 against Isildur1. There is still action on Full Tilt Poker and for our readers who still not have an account at the poker room with the biggest action it can be created by using this download.

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