Isildur1 is becoming the center of attention

The high stakes poker community seems to have populated by one extra member as Isildur1 is going all in with the gamble of his life against high stakes online poker player passing his footstep.

Clashing with the regulars

This past week Isildur1 has been playing against many of the regulars including, Tom “durrrr” Dwan, Phil Ivey, Patrik Antonius and Cole South. A few nights ago at Full Tilt Poker the so far unknown Swedish poker player went against all three of the Full Tilt Poker Pros at the same time ending up with Durrrr being the leader in number of hands played but with a net loss of $14,000. Ivey, who was the 2nd player to join the battle, stayed on the table enough time to take away more than $800,000 from Isildur’s bankroll.

Patrik Antonius who joined next sustained a loss of $253,000 only playing a total of 433 hands and could not gain the same momentum as the night before where he booked an incredible $2,000.000+ win against Isildur1. Durrrr who earlier molested Brian Townsend for $562,000 ended his evening yesterday with a net profit of more than $315,000 even after the loss to Isildur1.

$80.000 win

Making up the math Isildur1 ended his evening with a net $80,000 in his pocket making it just another high stakes evening to pass away in history. Notable however is it that it seems Isildur1 has managed to have the upper hand versus durrr whenever they play poker online.

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