International Football Features Strongly at Betfair Sports

betfair sport new pictureBetfair Sports has a very serious attitude to football reflecting the worldwide importance of the game which places it at the forefront of online bookmakers. When you log onto Betfair Sports you find a dedicated tab purely for all things football with a detailed breakdown region by region for the different continents on the globe. When you click on South America or Spanish football located on the lengthy list on the left hand side of the page, you are presented with a brilliant insight into the ‘state’ of the game in those areas through a selection of articles written about the various games that have been played recently.

Football Seen From Every Angle

The list covers current football high profile events which are actually unfolding such as the Africa Cup of Nations which normally takes place every two years. This year it is taking place just 12 months after the last Championship to avoid coinciding with the World Cup 2014. There are 16 teams from all over this immense continent battling it out in South Africa to be named the best team in Africa with a show of quality football that is highly impressive and is keeping football fans from all over the planet glued to the TV and to live streamed matches on their computers and electronic tablets.

Many players from the British Premier League are playing for their national teams keeping Premier League fans engaged to the full. With Ivory Coast tipped to win, it’s a great time to place bets at Betfair Sports where the odds are exceptionally competitive on the betting exchange. Register a new account today at Betfair Sports using our quick link below and you will be eligible for a free bet of up to £20.


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