Inter Casino Halloween with a Brilliantly Terrifying Promo

The spookiest time of the year ‘Halloween’ is fast approaching and Inter Casino has just launched a spectacularly chilling promotion to take customers into the realms of horror with its series of ‘Frightmare’ slots as well as ‘JuJu Jack’ and the gruesome ‘Haunted House’ slot. The promo begins today the 24th of October and closes at midnight on the 31st October when it is said that the souls of the dead lurk around humans just for a few hours causing havoc! Your aim is to be celebrating with plenty of cash won from your great position on the ‘Tournament of Terror’ leaderboard where €1,500 will be shared amongst the top 20 positions.

Fantastically Lucrative Opportunity to Rake in the Cash

If you are not already a member of the Inter Casino community you only need to register a new account today at Inter Casino using our link below for speed and convenience and select one of the fantastic deals from the three superb offers related to the Frightmare Manor video slots plus ‘Juju Jack’ and the ‘Haunted House’ slot game.

Every game is absolutely outstanding with the very latest in graphic animations as well as ‘horribly’ realistic sound effects that will have you playing from under your chair at times and looking over your shoulder every 10 seconds! Every €10 that you wager on any of the promo slots will give you a player point that counts towards your position on the leaderboard whether you win your wager or not. With so many players participating, the reels of these spooky video slots will be very hot and ready to give up their booty so make sure that you keep playing to ensure it is you who gets those massive jackpots that will be spilling into the laps of the lucky Inter Casino players. Register a new account now through our link below and get started!

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