Huge Sundays Poker Promo at Betsafe From 2nd May

Betsafe Poker black Giveaway sundays promo

Betsafe Poker is making every Sunday between the 2nd May and the 16th June 2016 into a Giveaway Sunday for all registered Betsafe Poker players looking to benefit from the lucrative promo.

Win expensive gadgets including iPads and Apple TV, sports bets, free spins and tournament tickets every Sunday at the dedicated Sunday Giveaway tournament at Betsafe Poker Black.

What’s not to love about Betsafe Poker ? What’s more, when you register a new account you get a generous welcome bonus up to £1,000, free tickets to play in guaranteed tournaments and immediate membership of the cool loyalty program.


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Sign Up for the Giveaway Sunday Tournaments


To sign up for the thrilling Giveaway Sunday tournaments at Betsafe Poker Black you simply need to complete the list of achievements listed for each week between the 2nd May and 16th June.

Once you have completed the fun achievements you will be credited with a free ticket to the next Sunday Giveaway tournament at Betsafe Poker and free spins on a named slot game.

You can’t buy into the Sunday Giveaway tournaments directly making for a level playing field with no short cuts. All the players that you meet at each Sunday’s Giveaway tournament will be players who successfully completed all the challenges set that week!


Week One Achievements Leading to 1st Sunday Tournament on 8th May

Play in 15 Sit & Go Tournaments with real money, win 30 real money Texas Hold’em pots, win 2 hands with a heart flush at the real money Hold’em tables using both hole cards at showdown.


Week Two Achievements Leading to 2nd Sunday Giveaway Tournament 15th May

Play in 5 scheduled tournaments with real money, Win 30 Texas Hold’em pots with real money and use the Betsafe Poker mobile app to play 25 real money raked cash poker games.


Week Three Achievements Leading to 3rd Sunday Giveaway Tournament 22nd May

Play in 15 Sit & Go tournaments with real money, play real money hold ’em and win 2 hands with JJ hole cards, win two pots at Blaze poker with pocket AA cards at showdown.


Week Four Achievements Leading to 4th Sunday Giveaway Tournament 29th May

Play real money Omaha High and place 25 bets or blinds, play Blaze poker and place 50 bets or blinds, play in three real money scheduled tournaments at Betsafe Poker.

June Achievements will be posted on the Betsafe website at a later date in May.


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