How much does it really matter if I use a poker bonus code?

This is a question asked in email by our readers nearly every day. This post opportunity is an answer to all our readers who haven’t really understood why a poker bonus code is important.

Before we go the next point of this topic, it is important for our poker players to understand that a bonus given by a poker room is an amount of money which they will pay to the player. This is therefore an expense although they will get it paid back if the player is loyal.

Let’s take it from the beginning:

The majority of poker rooms offer a standardized entry level poker bonus to all their new players. You might ask why? Well when someone land on the page of a particular poker room he has either heard of the room by a friend or he has seen it an advertisement. This means that the percentage of the particular player not signing is in reality very, very small so why pay the player more bonus to join if his already half way there.

Why do poker bonus codes exist?

Poker players that are browsing through poker sites, poker portals or online poker guides like are more or less trying to finalize their decision of where they want to sign up. This is where a poker bonus code steps in.

Poker bonuses offered by poker rooms through poker bonus codes are marketing efforts to invite and welcome new players to poker rooms as they realize that players searching through an online poker directory are in reality searching for a poker bonus deal possible.

Although we totally understand that players might be taking the bonus issue very much in to consideration we would advise players not to keep it as the primary issue. We know its important and of course it does help build a bankroll but the decision of where to sign up should be a combination of several factors and not only the sign up bonus offered by a particular poker room.

Now that we have explained that poker bonus should be considered as one of the ingredients and not the sole ingredient of a decision where to sign up an account, we should explain why players are recommended to use poker bonus codes during sign up. First of all we should clear that on some poker rooms the initial poker bonus offered even with the use of a bonus code is in many situations of the same dollar amount even of signing up individually, the major difference is the added benefits the player receives.

The vast majority of the bonus codes offered in our pages come with attached positions to multiple poker freeroll events and full qualifies for reloads which we negotiate directly with the poker rooms. These events are invitation only events and they are not visible to other players.

Your bonus code is your signal of reference and that will allow you to qualify for the events your referee agrees with the poker room including qualifiers for all major events like the WSOP, the WPT and the EPT.

In addition the player will be able to come back to us if he might have any problems at the poker room and we shall resolve it for him as we track and take care of our players extensively. Any issues a player might have, which are not immediately resolved will be handled very strictly. If it is proved that it is the poker room’s issue the particular room will be immediately blacklisted from our pages.

Depending on your local jurisdiction pick the bonus code that meets your style of play best.

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