High Stakes Poker – Durrrr vs. Isildur1

In the last couple of days the railbirds has been witness to some of the biggest poker high stakes action ever on Full Tilt Poker. The reason is the unknown Swedish high stakes poker player, who plays under the poker alias Isildur1 and has been very successful so far in his sessions versus Durrrr. Not only is he the biggest winner by far this weekend, but he has also more or less have molested the “so-called” best high stakes No Limit Holdem player in the online world Tom “durrr” Dwan, who just signed a sponsor deal with Full Tilt Poker.

5 and 6 tabling

The two high stakes poker players has been five and six tabling the highest stakes in online poker with blinds at astonishing $500/$1000, which have created some of the sickest action ever on Full Tilt pokers high stakes poker tables. In an epic session Sunday between durrr and Isildur1 there was 21 pots with more than $400.000 in the middle and 22 more reached the $300k mark, and mostly these pots has been going the Swedes way.

Action continued Monday and is still going on with the Swede in total control over the game. Isildur1 certainly seem to have the upper hand against durrr, who at the moment seems very frustrated and a bit tilted by way things are going. It is hard to say how much durrr is down to Isildur1 at the moment, but it could be close to $5 million dollars. The questions most people ask at the moment are probably how long durrr can keep playing like this and how much money he is willing loose before quitting?

From a neutral perspective he should certainly quit the way he is playing at the moment and come back with fresh eyes. The current sessions has been going on for at least 15 hours and Tom “durrr” Dwan does not seem willing to pull the plug even though nothing is going his way. One might ask if this will be the end of durrr on the high stakes poker scene. In any circumstance he is going down the wrong road by not quitting when he is running badly against a maybe better poker player. One thing is for sure though, his career as a Full Tilt poker pro is off to a bad start.

Durrrr challenge

Even if he quit playing Isildur1 and leave the throne to a new online heads up king then Isildur1 would still have a shot at taking a substantial part of Durrrr’s cash as the Durrrr Challenge is still open to anyone but OMGClayAiken. Quitting the game against Isildur1 would be bad for Durrrr but turning down a challenge against Isuldur1 will be devastating for Tom Dwan´s name in the online gaming community.

The next few days will certainly be interesting to follow on the high stakes tables at Full Tilt Poker as it will determine if we have a new king of No Limit Texas Hold’em heads up or not.

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