Guy Lalibertés Space adventure

Last year Guy Laliberté was across the poker media as he frequently visited the high stakes PLO games at Full Tilt Poker which is the place to be to play or rail extremely high stakes poker action.

Four different accounts

Reportedly Guy Laliberté played under at least four different account names and overall contributed to the poker community at Full Tilt Poker with an astonishing $17.000.000 in total losses in 2008.

Not that it mean anything to him as he is 95% owner of Cirque du Soleil and accordingly to Forbes he is worth 42.5 billion and the 246th richest man in the world.

This year Guy Laliberté has not been very active at the poker tables as he instead prepare for a space trip on September 30 where he will be the first Canadian to explore the outer space. When landing on the International Space Station (ISS), a 12 day stay will commence where Guy Laliberté will promote his ONE DROP foundation which focus on the water problems in the world.

Hoping for a return

Full Tilt Poker and its high stake players of course hopes that Guy Laliberté after completion of his space mission decides to put some hours in to conquering the poker world putting as many hours at the poker tables as he did training for his space mission. A relaxing game of poker after a space mission definitely sounds appealing to us.

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