Gus Hansen, Phil Ivey, Tom "Durrr" Dwan and a Prop Bet

full-tilt-bonus1Gus Hansen has for years been writing a blog in the online version of Danish newspaper, Ekstra Bladet, which also was the case yesterday November 18. The blog is hardly ever worth reading as Gus Hansen seldom writes anything but trivialities and yesterday was not really different. A few sentences here and there about what he has been running around doing and a few comments in regards of his downswing plus a few explanations in regards of his WSOP bets where he ended up winning $400,000. The blogs is often about money and at the end in yesterday’s blog Gus suddenly describe a prop bet that have been made between Phil Ivey and Tom Durrrr Dwan when the new season of “High Stakes Poker” was recently filmed.

The Prop bet

“If Phil Ivey eats meat within the next year then he has to pay Tom Durrrr Dwan 1 million dollars.” Translated from the blog in

Gus did not write about what Phil will get from Durrrr if he accomplishes being a vegetarian for a full year. We will most likely see this on television when High Stakes Poker once again airs, as according to Gus this was where the bet was made.

Betting a million regardless how it happened and what was agreed upon might seem stupid to many people, and it surely shows how big action junkies these players are. On the other hand it might just be a fun bet between friends, who has the money to gamble. In any circumstance these stories are what make the high stakes poker scene fascinating and Prop bets like these are quite fun for the spectators. At the time Phil Ivey is no longer allowed to flip for money at Full Tilt Poker, which is a decision made by upper management and this might have been a fun opportunity to fill up the gab for action.

Sex bet for Hansen

Another prop bet Gus revealed in his blog was him receiving $2,000.000 staying away from sex (in all aspects) for a year- the bet however was not finalized as Gus thinks it was a bit too little money to win not being able to enjoy one of his favorite hobbies for a full year. It is of course understandable that receiving $5479 per day for a celibate bet is totally out of the question.

In principle both bets are quite similar as neither Phil nor Gus is allowed to touch meat the next year.

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