Gus Hansen Fake Website


Be aware: The domain: is currently not in any case associated with our favorite Full Tilt Poker player Gus Hansen. It is some kind of a silly prank which will have to deal with the legal consequences from directly.

Unknown scammer

Gus”the great Dane” Hansen is not only fighting on the virtual poker tables these days. An unknown person within the poker community, Mr.Kudashov, had registered the domain five years ago and more or less pretended to be Gus Hansen on the aforementioned web site.

With pictures of Gus Hansen and wordings like “Write to my personal email” the person owning the web site tried to lure people into believing they were dealing directly with Gus Hansen himself. [email protected] was even created to put further credibility behind the scam.

Gus who represents online poker giant Full Tilt Poker could be seen advertise for Party Poker on the web site which of course damage his brand name and value as a sponsored player for Full Tilt Poker.

Mr. Kudashov

Today the web site was deemed to be given back to the real Gus Hansen from the individual who wanted to present himself as him (Mr. Kudashov).

This is not the first identity theft professional poker players have discovered. PokerStars Pro William Thorsson had his MSN Messenger hacked years back by a young Swedish hacker.

The hacker abused all Williams MSN contacts. He simply asked Williams friends to make internal account transfers on poker sites that allow this and caused William Thorsson a lot of grief towards his good friends.

Even the girls (and there was many) on Thorssons MSN was not left alone. We wonder how many of the girls William is still seeing after the identity thief had abused them in the chatJ.

We recommend that no one use links to download Party Poker from gushansens website but instead use true and genuine portals as their primary source to receive poker bonus offers.

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Gus Hansen can of course be found on the high stakes tables at Full Tilt poker where the Great Dane goes through enormous swings and exciting pots. Download Full Tilt Poker and follow the real Gus Hansen online.

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